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A fish, a variety of a carp. Most popular in home ponds.
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How do you get your koi to eat?

Give your koi something they like to eat. Try either a grapefruit (sliced in half, and one of those halves sliced in half, again), or Honey-nut cheerios. I'm not kidding. Oran

What can you feed koi?

  Koi food bought at stores. You can also feed them lettuce, tomatoes, peas, and oranges.

How big do koi get?

Koi can reach a maximum of around four feet or 1.2 metres. At this size the fish may weigh 90lbs or approximately 40kg but this is unusualy large for a Koi. Decent quality ko

What is the plural for koi?

The plural of koi, a Japanese karp, is koi.

Do koi hibernate?

They do indeed. Once the temperature drops below 55 degrees F. You will notice all of them settling at the bottom of the pond.

What is a koi?

  A koi is a large and colourful Japanese carp.

What do koi eat?

because of koi what do they eat that all i want to n o

Are koi dangerous?

Not at all, they can be hand fed when they get to know and trust you

What eats kois?

Koi carp are not an 'evolved' species so they do not have 'natural' enemies. Growing to over 2 feet long, it is usually only when small they are preyed upon by larger fish, ca