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A fish, a variety of a carp. Most popular in home ponds.
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How do you get a Neopet koi?

There are four ways. You can adopt one from the pound, you can adopt one when they are randomly released or on koi day, or you can get the from the lab ray.

What is a koi?

  A koi is a large and colourful Japanese carp.

How to care for koi?

  Koi are a large growing fish (I've seen them at over 50cm long) and so they require a pond not an aquarium. They are also quite expensive. Koi are not for the beginner.

How big do koi get?

Koi can reach a maximum of around four feet or 1.2 metres. At this size the fish may weigh 90lbs or approximately 40kg but this is unusualy large for a Koi. Decent quality ko

What is koi special use?

Koi is the fancy name for ornamental carp. Carp in the wild are  usually dark and a dull color. Koi, a type of carp have been bred  like guppies or gold fish to make them mo

What is a koi-dragon?

A Koi-dragon is mythical Japanese creature that is half koi fish at the back and a dragon front end

How do you get your koi to eat?

Give your koi something they like to eat. Try either a grapefruit (sliced in half, and one of those halves sliced in half, again), or Honey-nut cheerios. I'm not kidding. Oran