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What is largest universe solar system or galaxy?

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In order from largest to smallest.... Universe - Galaxy - Solar System.
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What is the difference between solar system universe and galaxy?

A universe is a area in space that contains many galaxies and a galaxy is a group of stars of 100 billion or more. Finally a solar system is a sun/star that has an orbit (grav

Explain the difference between the solar system constellations star clusters galaxies and the universe?

The solar system is a system of planetary objects in revolution around a central star (like our sun). Our solar system is comprised of the following planets: Mercury (closest

What is the order milky way galaxy solar system universe sun?

the sun is the smallest by far.... the milky way IS our solar system.....many solar systems make up a galaxy and there are many many galaxies in a universe... now they claim t

Which is largest solar system universe or galaxy?

A solar system is a star with planets going around. Like our sun (which is a star) and all of its planets. A solar system is the smallest of your three.   A galaxy is a gro

How does the earth sun and moon fit into the whole solar system galaxy and the universe?

The natural satellite called Luna or Moon orbits the Earth, a planet in the Solar (Sol is the name of our star) system. The 8 planets with their moons, and planetesimals and a

How wide is the milky way galaxy universe solar system?

Milky Way: About 100,000 light-years in diameter Universe: Unknown, but the observable Universe has a diameter of about 92 billion light-years. Solar System: There are diff