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There are two main variations of LED strip Flexible SMD or High Power 1W batons.

Flexible LED Tape

Flexible LED strip is usually supplied in 5M reels and basically consists of a copper circuit board and SMD (Service Mount Device) LEDs. This type of LED strip has a 3M (Branded) backing tape for ease of installation. Flexible LED strips can also be referred to as LED ribbon or LED tape.
Installing LED strip lighting

A useful video on how to cut, connect and power LED strip lighting can be seen here led-supplies.com/product-range/led-strips/cut-connect-power-led-strip

Dimming LED strip lighting

Another useful video here shows you how to dim LED strip lighting led-supplies.com/product-range/led-strips/dimming-led-strip-lighting-with-led-controllers

Buying Flexible LED Tape

When buying LED tape be wary of cheap pricing as you pay for you get. A quality control setup is also advised. For quality LED strip lighting and a massive range of led controllers, LED power supplies and accessories led-supplies.com are a good supplier

Variations of Flexible LED Tape

RGB LED Strip - Red, Green, Blue colour changing to achieve millions of vibrants colours. (UK DMX LED Tape Driver Modules is recommended)

Single Colour - Single colour LED tape is available in Warm White, Neutral White (Sometimes called pure or cool), Red, Green, Blue, Amber.

There are also two main power types with LED tape. These are SMD3528 & SMD5050. SMD3538 is of lower brightness than SMD5050. For projects where power is needed SMD5050 strip is perfect.

High Power 1W LED Strips

High Power 1W strips (Sometimes referred to as LED batons) are completely different and consist of powerful 1W LEDs, usually Luxeon Rebels. These LEDs are then mounted on a pcb board and enclosed within an Aluminium strip. A quality LED light baton solution is available from led-supplies.com
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