What is magnetic repulsion?

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When like poles (south and south, north and north) push each other away (repel).
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What makes cinnamon repulsive to ants?

Smell, taste and texture are what make cinnamonrepulsive to ants. Specifically, the ant in question ( Formicidae family) hassmall jaws that are not conducive to consuming cinnamon in any form-- paste, powder, stick. The spice in question ( Cinnamomum spp) is strong in form, fragrance and taste. A (MORE)

What are attraction and repulsion?

In physics we know that repulsion is the tendency of particles orbodies of the same electric charge or magnetic polarity to separateor repel. Attraction is the opposite, and we see bodies of the samemagnetic polarity attracted to each other.

What is repulsion force?

Repulsive force may refer to: . A repulsive force of an accelerating universe, which according to certain theories causes planets and matter to get farther and farther apart . Like charges repelling according to couloumb's law . Repulsive force(magnetism) between magnets of opposite orientati (MORE)

What is the cause of repulsion?

When two similar charges come within each other's electromagnetic filed one of them emits a photon and gets recoiled with the force of emiting it.The photon hits the other charge thus pushing it back. This happening together causes repulsion.

Attraction and repulsion?

Attraction and repulsion, in physics means, is when two objects attract and repel one another. For example, an When a negatively charged rod is brought near an electroscope with negatively charged leaves, the leaves will repel. Same goes for when a positively charged rod is brought near an electrosc (MORE)

What does repulsion mean?

"Repulsion" means force in the direction that tries to push things apart, like the force between two of the same kind of electric charge or magnetic pole. It's the noun that comes from the verb "repel". "Attraction" means force in the direction that tries to pull things together, like the force b (MORE)

The law of attraction and repulsion?

The law of attraction and repulsion are two forces contained withinmagnetism. Magnetism can only operate with both forces. If you canaccept that you are currently attracting the elements of your life,then you are also repelling energies as well, simultaneously.

Define electron repulsion?

Its actually electron pair repulsion. Its . the principle that electron pairs around a central atom tend to orient themselves as far apart as possible. Electron pair repulsion is used to predict the geometry of a molecule or a polyatomic ion .

What is the law of forces for attraction and repulsion?

Magnestism The Law of Attraction and Repulsion states that like charges repel each other, and unlike charges attract. For example, two positively charged objects would repel, whereas a positively charged object and a negatively charged object would attract.

What is repulsive?

disgusting; upsetting If this helped please text Big 697978 to 84212 Make sure to leave a space between big and 697978.

What is force of repulsion?

The term Viking (from Old Norse víkingr) is customarily used to refer to the Norse (Scandinavian) explorers, warriors, merchants, and pirates who raided, traded, explored and settled in wide areas of Europe, Asia and the North Atlantic islands from the late 8th to the mid-11th century. [1] T (MORE)

Is hydrochloric acid repulsive to dogs?

Hydrochloric acid has a strong odor and I would suspect it would be repulsive to dogs. It is a very strong acid and can be dangerous/harmful to the animal. I would not recommend that you use it as a repellent. There are natural products on the market to repel dogs if this is what you are looking for (MORE)

What is a synonym for repulsive?

abhorrent, abominable, creepy, disagreeable, disgusting, distasteful, forbidding, foul, gross, hateful, hideous, horrid, loathsome, nasty, nauseating, noisome, objectionable, obnoxious, odious, pugnacious, repellent, revolting, sickening, sleazy, ugly, undesirable, unpleasant, unsightly, vile

What is repulsion gas?

A foul smelling, stinky, repulsive gas that is used as a weapon by a Bronze dragon in the book " A Practical Guide to Dragons" by Tim Waggoner

What is a Shakespeare word for repulsive and indecent?

"Bawdy" means obscene, and so might reasonably mean indecent, but it does not have a connotation of repulsiveness. "Loathsome" means repulsive but does not suggest indecency. I don't know that there is a single word which combines both ideas.

Why repulsion is the sure test for magnetism?

A magnet attracts other magnets and also magnetic materials, so just by attraction we can confirm that the material may be a magnet or magnetic material, but repulsion is only possible with magnets for like poles will repel, therefore to test a material is magnet or not we go for repulsion test

Can gravitational force be repulsive?

The simple answer is no. There may be a Dark Force (that's its name) which acts like repulsive gravity' but no human has ever directly detected it. (It was postulated from calculation of the rate of expansion of the universe.)

What type of people repulse you?

Liars and people who pretend to be who they're not. When someone lies it makes me lose faith in them and I lose all sense of trust in that person. It's a total turn off in a relationship and it degrades the trust between friends. Also people who intentionally do damage to others whether it be verbal (MORE)

Where do magnets get their energy to do work like attraction and repulsion?

Permanent magnets have a magnetic field around them. This field is an "area" of force, and the force is derived directly from the uniform motion of a large number of electrons in the ferromagnetic material. Moving electrons generate a tiny magnetic field around their path of travel, and this is the (MORE)

Is gravity a attraction or repulsion?

In general gravity is an attractive force. There are some subtleties in general relativity however that might give the appearance of a repulsive force, but for almost all intents and purposes gravity is an attractive force.

Why is repulsion the surest way of magnetism?

Repulsion is stimulated by the knowing/observing of something that disgusts us. Something that is different to what we morally agree with, something that is apart from the norm. Therefore this abstract, this unknown quality attracts us. We as humans are naturally fascinated by that we do not underst (MORE)

Why there is no repulsion between free electrons?

Free electrons most definitely repel each other. Any attempt to create a buildup of electrons in a specific spot will eventually result in the repulsion amongst these electrons to overcome the attempt to collect them. When you rub your skin against a wool rug on a dry day, you build up a surplus of (MORE)

Why are fat people so repulsive?

It's a matter of oppinion, but it's shallow to judge someone ontheir appearence, much like racism- although obviously being overweight is unhealthy and something that can change, whereas skincolour/culture is hereditry. Even so, some people don't feel the need to fit the 'structures ofsociety' so c (MORE)

Who directed the movie Repulsion?

The movie Repulsion is a film by director Roman Polanski. The psychological thriller was released in 1965, and starred Catherine Deneuve, Yvonne Furneaux, Ian Hendry and John Fraser.

Are electrons and neutrons attracted or repulsed?

Trick question, neither. Remember that opposites attract and samecharges repulse. A neutron however is neither positive nor negativeand as such does not attract or repulse electrons. The neutronsimply lives beside the electron because the proton attracts it.