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The mean radiant temperature is the average effect of radiation from surrounding surfaces. At the center of the room this temperature can be taken as being equal to the mean surface temperature
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What is a Radiant Barrier?

A Radiant Barrier is... . A radiant barrier is a thin sheet of highly reflective aluminum comprised of one or more layers (for puncture and tear resistance) that, when inst

What is radiant energy?

Anything that is not at absolute zero (0 K, i.e. everything) willemit radiant energy. Radiant energy is caused by electronconfiguration changes within the substance, whether i

What does temperature mean?

Temperature is defined as the average total kinetic energy per particle in a system. In common terms, it means how hot or cold something is or feels, usually expressed as rela

What is the definition of radiant?

It means that something or someone is so bright and shiny that they radiate light.    The word radiant usually means something that has a very bright light, radium is nam

What instrument measures radiant temperature?

A pyrometer or pyrometric cones are used to measure furnace and kiln temperatures resulting from radiant heat. A pyrometer is a ceramic base into which 4 to 6 pyrometric cones

Who where the radiant girls?

The radiant girls were a group of girls hired to paint glow-in-the-dark numerals on watches in the mid 1920's, they were told to keep the paint brushes pointy by licking them
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How do wavelengths of radiant energy vary with the temperature of the radiating source?

The answer to this is given by Wien's displacement law, at least for an ideal "black body" as the radiating source. The law states that the distribution of wavelengths has es
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Is radiant a noun?

Yes, the word 'radiant' is both an adjective and a noun.   The noun 'radiant' is a word for the object or point from  which light or heat rays are emitted; a word for a t