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What is meant by 'an idle mind is the devil's workshop'?

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Somebody who is busy with work - an occupied mind as opposed to an idle one - doesn't have time to think about sinning or doing any evil.
Somebody that has an idle mind has too much time on their hands and think-up and falsely imagine problems in their life that do not really exist. However, a busy mind at work, at school or both will stay occupied and will go about life in a happy typical manner, NOT falsely imagining problems in their life.

A society that had increasing free time and increasing knowledge also had time to think.. learn and debate all aspects of life. Such as religion.. and man's existence. When an educated and knowledgeable society rises, the ability of those who would seek to control them - such as governments & religious groups/cults - they lose the ability to do so.
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Is an idle brain the devil's workshop a Bible verse?

The quote 'An idle brain is the devil's workshop' is not a bible quote, it is actually from the "Hand-Book of Proverbs" H.G. Bohn. The bible does comment on idleness, in the

What is meant by an idle mind is a devil's workshop?

This is most probably a saying from English/German tradition.

An idle mind is the devil's workshop?

many variations on this theme, but if you have nothing to occupy your mind you will be tempted to occupy your mind with sin. Or. if you are idle and have nothing particular in

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this means that whenever you are not doing anything or sitting idle you always get a devils thought .this means you will like to do something in which you will have fun but th

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It is not a quote from the Bible, but comes from H.G. Bohn, a British publisher born in in London in 1796. Some Bible verses do address the issue however. For example: 2 The

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In the Christian religion, believers exhorted to work, with the  apostles going as far as to say that one who does not work must not  eat. In addition to the encouragement t

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While "an empty mind is the devil's workshop" is not a biblical  saying, it is an important axiom. The idea is that each person  should be occupied with important tasks and

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The saying is figerative, sugesting that if you have nothing better to do then you are more likeky to get into trouble. If one keeps their mind occupied with only good thought

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Some people use the phrase "an idle brain is the devil's workshop" because when we are daydreaming or bored or let our minds wonder the devil can take it and run with it. He c

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Man is not made to be idle. "In the sweat of thy face shall thou eat bread" is the curse of God, according to the Bible. It is more a blessing than a curse. We should not be l