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The unit centigram is rarely used. Engineers and scientists like to use powers of thousand (powers of ten in which the exponent is a multiple of 3), so either grams or milligrams would normally be used.

An object between about a millimeter and a centimeter in diameter can be expected to have a mass of more than a milligram, but less than a gram (it really depends on the shape and the density, though). Amounts of trace substances in food are sometimes expressed in milligrams, or even micrograms.
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What is an example of a centigram?

A centigram is simply 1/100th of a gram. It's rarely used, becausemost measurements use milligrams, and 10 milligrams is the same as1 centigram.

Centigram in a kilogram?

1 centigram = 0.00001 kilograms. 1 kilogram = 100,000 centigrams.

Grams in a centigram?

If I am not mistaken, I believe it is 0.01 grams because it is asking the amount of grams in a centigram, which is smaller. (:

What is a tenth of a centigram?

A milligram

Milligram in a Centigram?

1 centigram is 10 milligrams.

What is mesurment?

Measurement is how you measure something. for Example: i measuredthe desk and its 19 center meters long. That's my measurement of mydesk. Definition: Measurement is collec

What can be measured in centigrams?

Anything with a mass can be measured in centigrams, as it is merelya unit used to measure mass. Centigrams are a small unit though, sosmaller items would be more ideal.

What is in a centigram?

A centigram is a measure of weight equal to 0.01 grams or0.00035274 ounces.

What does a centigram weigh?

1 centigram equates to 10 milligrams.

What is mesuration?

If you mean mensuration , then that is the act of measuring something, such as length, angles, etc. or the geometry applied to the computation of lengths, areas, or volumes f