What is more important sports or games?

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I think that sports are more important than games. This is simply because sport delivers just a little more than games do but in a way games are sports and sports are games. So technically they are equally as important as each other but sport just teaches and helps people more than games would.
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What is the importance of games and sports?

games and sport slightly has the same meaning.. it is both activity but the only difference is.. sport is an activity that has a winner and loser and is a very competitively

Is sport more important then politics?

The answer to that is it depends on who you ask. Many people would choose sports and many people would choose politics. For me, it's neither. For me, it's far more important h

Why are sports and games important for students?

" Health is Wealth " is an old saying. Games are very essential for a good health. Therefore, all young men and women should play games. People who play games regularly can ma

What is the importance of sports and games?

There are physical benefits that result from the participation ofsports and games. Physical activity decreases the incidence ofobesity. Players also learn team work and cooper

What is importance of games and sports in life?

hi, sports mean alot in life. they actually increase the blood circulation and passes pure blood to the brain which makes it function properly. Indoor games are meant to build

Which is more important school or sports?

sports and school both are important if u are well educated and have the knowledge about sports than u can lead ur study and sports at a same time so both are important

Importance of games and sports speech?

By playing games person remains active, games help them to overcome from the problems related muscles and bones that's why everyone should be engage in some sought of sports a

Importance of sports and games in Hindi?

In Hindi,there are many words related to sport.Hindi language speakers around the world are interested in sports.Sport is a part of Hindi literature.Hindi is an Indian languag

Importance of sports and games for kids?

they are so important. Im fourteen year old and can not imagine living without playing sports. it provides a great way for kids to get up of the couch and do something. it kee

Is sport more important than religion?

In the ideal world, we would say "of course not!" But for many people today, sports have become very much like a religion. Some fans worship athletes and put them up on a pede
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Is sport more important than academic?

The more intelligent you are, the more you'll get out of life. Living in the moment, as many sporty type people do, tend to die young and unhappy. Not to say you shouldn't do
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Why are studies more important than sports?

Unless you excel in sports and have a livlihood from the same,sports might become a nightmare. To a student, study is the toppriority, followed by sports as a bystander. If yo
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Why is sport more important than education?

Sport is not more important than education. While sport may beimportant for exercise and physical health, education is importantfor mind and knowledge development. They are bo