What is necklace Kenny Chesney wearing in come over video?

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Bill Whal
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Your music videos are inspired by the fashion scene. What are your thoughts on fashion?

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Five Ways To Wear A Statement Necklace

True friends stick with you through all good and bad times, but the same cannot be said for clothes. However, an awesome necklace will always embrace you whether your figure i (MORE)
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Patterns for Crocheted Necklaces

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Is that Kenny chesneys boat in the video come over?

Yes, in fact, (I have researched this, live in Florida, along with family that are blessed enough to have a couple boats in FT. Lauderdale, FL),& I'm 100% convinced that it do (MORE)

What charm is Kenny Chesney wearing in come over video?

In all of my island travels I can definitely ID the bracelet, it is an anti hurricane symbol that is well know to all island bums. Bamboo studios makes this, and it is truly a (MORE)