What is necklace Kenny Chesney wearing in come over video?

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Why does Kenny Chesney always wear a hat?

Kenny Chesney doesn't have any hair under the hat. He doesn't look that good without the hat. You can see him without the hat in the music video Everybody Wants To Go To Heave (MORE)


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Does Kenny Chesney donate to charity?

Yes. He is very involved with orginizations such such as Nature Valley, and the World-now program, on which he serves as a board member. He also contributes a lot to childrens (MORE)

Is that Kenny chesneys boat in the video come over?

Yes, in fact, (I have researched this, live in Florida, along with family that are blessed enough to have a couple boats in FT. Lauderdale, FL),& I'm 100% convinced that i (MORE)

What charm is Kenny Chesney wearing in come over video?

In all of my island travels I can definitely ID the bracelet, it is an anti hurricane symbol that is well know to all island bums. Bamboo studios makes this, and it is truly a (MORE)

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