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What is notice of voluntary dismissal of complaint and lis pendens?

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It is a notice that the complaint has been dismissed at the request of the plaintiff, and the notice of lis pendens, which is a notice filed in the place where deeds are recorded showing that the property may be seized to pay the debt, is also null and void. If the plaintiff has not recorded the order of dismissal, the owner of the property should file it where the deed and lis pendens was recorded.
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What does notice of voluntary dismissal as to count ii re-establishment of lost note mean?

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How long will a foreclosure take after lis pendens?

  The lis pendens is usually filed at the beginning of the foreclosure lawsuit. If you don't answer the foreclosure complaint, a default judgment will be entered against y (MORE)

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How do you write a lis pendens?

The lis pendens should be drafted by the attorney who is representing you in your lawsuit against the property owner to make certain it is done properly.
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What is voluntary dismissal without prejudice?

Since it is voluntary, it would seem to indicate that the prosecutor requested that the court dismiss the charge, subject to its being re-institued at some later time, rather (MORE)

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What is a Lis Pendens?

Answer     Lis pendens is the Latin term meaning "suit pending." A lis pendens is a notice filed in the office of land records by the plaintiff that the ownership of (MORE)

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What if there is a lis pendens on a preliminary title report?

  That means that a lawsuit is pending that affects title to the property you are buying. Depending on the result of the lawsuit, your rights in the property could be in j (MORE)

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How do you remove a lis pendens that was put on the wrong property?

You should first ask the plaintiff named in the lis pendens to remove it from your property because it has been filed against the wrong property. If the plaintiff refuses, you (MORE)