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What is one quarter of 96?

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What is 3 quarters of 96?

To do this, multiply 3/4 to 96. First multiply 96 * 3 to get 288. Now divide 288 by 4 to get 72. ANS: 72 is 3 quarters of 96.

What is One Fourth of 96?


What is one third of 96?

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What is one quarter of three quarters?

I think it's 2 quarter * * * * * No. It is 1/4 of 3/4 = 3/16

What is one quarter?

It's 0.25 as a decimal, one-fourth in words, or 1/4 as a fraction.    The term is also used to describe US and Canadian coins that are  worth 25¢ or one-fourth of a d