What is origin of leave no stone unturned?

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This expression alludes to an ancient Greek legend about a general who buried a large treasure in his tent when he was defeated in battle. Those seeking the treasure consulted the Oracle of Delphi, who advised them to move every stone. The present form dates from the mid-1500s. The actual man who wrote "Leave no stone unturned" was Euripides, an ancient Greek playwright.
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When was the original Rosetta Stone discovered?

The Rosetta Stone was discovered in July 1799 by French EngineerPierre-François Bouchard; during construction at the Egyptian portcity of Rosetta. As French soldiers worked to knock down an old wall to make roomfor a new fort, they unearthed a big black slab of stone known nowas the Rosetta Stone (MORE)

What is the origin of the name 'Rolling Stones'?

Go way back to the 1st Century BC. Plubilius Syrus wrote a bunch of Latin proverbs, including one about people who are constantly on the move who do not put down roots. In the 15th century, Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam wrote his Adagia, a series of verses based on his studies of Latin texts. Am (MORE)

Why did all the ecw originals leave?

they left because new breed left and Vincent keneddy McMahon had no reason to keep them but only kept Tommy dreamer so idiots would think that it is still ecw and not wwe owned ecw

What does 'no stone left unturned' mean?

Literally, it means you have turned over and looked beneath every possible stone. Idiomatically, it means you've looked everywhere you could and have done everything you could to try to solve some problem.

Why did stone cold leave the WWE?

Because he still had neck problems from 1997 when Owen hart botched a piledriver and broke hes neck. He still wrestled with neck problems until he retired.

Is the sentence there was not a stone I did not leave unturned a double negative?

I think so - the actual meaning of the sentence is that you left every stone unturned, i.e. did nothing. The usual phrasing would be "I left no stone unturned", i.e. you did everything you possibly could. Triple negative actually. Which is okay. Even negatives cancel. if the sentence was "There (MORE)

Where is the origin of cobble stone pavement?

Ships from the "old world" came to the ports of the "new world" (North America) with these stones in their holds to provide extra ballast. When they arrived, the stones were off-loaded and replaced with goods being shipped back to Europe. They became paving stones for the streets. Interesting to not (MORE)

How old are the original members of the Rolling Stones?

Current and past members as of 2016 (Jagger, Richards, Watts,Wood): June 1962 Brian Jones - born 1942, died 1969 (age 27) Keith Richards - born December 18, 1943 Mick Jagger -born July 26, 1943 Ian Stewart - born 1938, died 1985 (age 47) Dick Taylor - born January 28, 1943 Tony Chapman - (age u (MORE)

Where was blarney stone originally found?

The stone is believed by some to be half of the original Stone of Scone, and said to have been presented to Cormac McCarthy by Robert the Bruce in 1314 in recognition of his support in the Battle of Bannockburn.. The proprietors of Blarney Castle list several alternative explanations for the origin (MORE)

What is the origin of not written in stone?

The usual expression is 'not carved in stone'. If you think about how easy it is to erase something written in pencil, and a little less easy to erase something written in ink, think how hard it would be to change an inscription that had (for example) been carved on a tombstone. Almost impossible. S (MORE)

Origin of the Phrase 'Written in stone'?

The origin of the phrase "Written in Stone" most likely comes from the Law of Hammurabi which states that the law as written cannot be changed by anyone that follows and it was 'written in stone' so that it could not be changed. Its alternate saying, linked below, is something that is changeable.

What does the original Rosetta Stone say?

The Rosetta Stone was commissioned by King Ptolemy V after hiscoronation. It was a decree issued by the congress of priests andestablished the divine cult of the new ruler.

What is the origin of the term stone cold fox?

Sleek, beautiful hair, cute, and attractive (like a fox . . . "foxylady"), but not likely to recipricate your warm feelings. "Cold asice". As cold and hard as a stone, when it comes to her feelingsfor you.

What was the original line-up of the rolling stones?

The Rolling Stones played their first gig on 12 July 1962 in the Marquee Club in London with the following line-up: Brian Jones (Guitar) Mick Jagger (Vocals, Harmonica) Keith Richards (Rhythm Guitar) Dick Taylor (Bass) Tony Chapman (Drums) Ian Stewart (Piano) The band was founded by Brian Jones. H (MORE)

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Why did mick Taylor leave the rolling stones?

Mick Taylor felt that he wasn't receiving enough credit for his contributions to the band and that they weren't treating him very well. There's also some speculation that Keith Richards was worried that Mick Taylor was being viewed as the better guitarist in the band and wasn't comfortable with this (MORE)

Who discovered the original Rosetta Stone?

It was (re-)discovered in 1799 by a French soldier on expedition to Egypt. It had been recycled as building material for the construction of Fort Julien near Rashid (a/k/a Rosetta), Egypt.

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How do you identify the original ruby stone?

Its very easy. Read the underwritten instructions . 1. Clean the ruby with a damp cloth or toothbrush to remove any debris or marks. Dig your fingernail into the gemstone to see if you can leave a scratch. If you can, it's not a ruby.. 2. Gently scratch the ruby with a one cent coin. Choose an (MORE)

Why did the original power rangers leave?

Walter Jones, Thuy Trang and Austin St John the original Black, Yellow and Red Rangers, were written out of the show after the 20th episode of the 2nd season and officially replaced after the 28th episode following a hold out for contract renegoiations with the Show. Amy Jo Johnson the original Pink (MORE)

When did ian Stewart leave the rolling stones?

Ian Stewart never left the band. Up until the mid 80's he was their piano player and road manager. Before the Stones finished recording Dirty Work in 1986, Ian Stewart died of a heart attack.

Who were the original rolling stones members?

The group's earliest line-up consisted of Brian Jones (guitar, harmonica), Ian Stewart (piano), Mick Jagger (lead vocals, harmonica), Keith Richards (guitar, vocals), Bill Wyman (bassist) and Charlie Watts (drummer).

Why did the original pink ranger leave?

In the show the original Pink Ranger, Kimberly had left because she wanted to train for the Pan Global Games so she chose Katherine Hillard to take her place. Behind the scenes however Kimberly's actress, Amy Jo Johnson chose not to renew her contract because she wanted to pursue other opportunities (MORE)

What is the origin of the Rosetta stone?

The Rosetta Stone is a very weird moducule and doesnt obey many of the rock principles. It is found in the coldest deepest Oceans in Narnia. Thank you for your time.....

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