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What is the plural of Christmas?

The plural form of Christmas is Christmases.

What is the Plural for you?

You is actually the old plural form. The old singular - thou - has become obsolete, used only in prayer and certain fossilized expressions. The form ye is used for a plural yo

What is the plural?

Plural is an English term for explaining more than 1. For example. Cat is singular Cats is plural. House is singular. Houses is plural.

What is the plural possessive form of Christmas?

  There are two rules to take into account:   # The plural of nouns ending in -s is made by adding -es. Examples: bus, buses; Christmas, Christmases.  # The possessi

How do you spell the plural of Christmas?

The plural of Christmas is Christmases (e.g. That happened three Christmases ago). Christmases.

Can its be plural?

No, the word  its is a singular pronoun, the possessive form of "it".   The plural form of the possessive pronoun "its" is theirs.   The plural form of the possessive

What is the plural of did?

Actually did is the past sense verb of the original verb 'do'.  There is no bifurcation as singular and plural for the verbs.  Though you use it for singular person or plura

Is have the plural of has?

Have can be both singular and plural, but has can only be singular. So you are partly right. Have is used with the first and second persons singular and with all persons plur