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10 Janpath ,
New delhi 110011 ,

91 11 23014161

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Who is Sonia Gandhi?

She is President of the Indian National Congress, Chairperson of the ruling United Progressive Alliance and the widow of former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi.

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When was Sonia Gandhi born?

Sonia Gandhi was born on December 9, 1946.

How is indira gandhi and sonia gandhi related?

Indira Gandhi's son married Sonia Gandhi so she is Indira's daughter-in-law. Sonia Gandhi is the daughter in law of Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi's elder son Rajiv Gandhi marri

What about sonia Gandhi?

my Dear good evening sonia gandhi 24-03-1971 for Elias babu at visakhapatnam John hospital I lost house apartment and I lost job state bank of India and I lost fever sick I
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What is Sonia Gandhi known for?

One of her earliest recognitions was as the wife of former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, and with his assassination she took more part in political activities, by bec