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What is pseudo masochist?

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It's not actually supposed to be pseudo as in "fake". It's supposed to be spelled sadomasochist.

A sadomasochist is basically someone with the fetish of hurting others/being hurt in a sexual way. It stands for sadism/masochism.
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What is a masochist?

  A masochist is somebody who derives pleasure from having plain inflicted upon them. Usually this pleasure is sexual. There are also different types of masochists. Some o

How do you use the word masochistic in a sentence?

A masochistic individual takes pleasure in pain, especially in a  sexual context.    To simply accept poor treatment by your peers seems almost  masochistic.

What does masochistic mean?

Masochistic means that you like being in pain for your own pleasure. You like the feeling of suffering, of feeling sad and depressed. -Example: Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinso

Do Masochists actually like pain?

Some do, or, if they're sexually masochistic, they just pretend to for their partner. For some people masochism isn't related to being sexual at all (though for most it is). I

How can you tell if you are truly a masochist?

If you have a tendency to get pleasure or sexual gratification from being humiliated or mistreated, physically or emotionally, either by another or by yourself, you just may b

What is it like to be a masochist?

You pleasure yourself with the physical pain drowning the mental pain. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- well, its really dependent on t
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What is pseudo hardness?

pseudo hardness interferes to high concentration of sodium ion which interfers with normal behavior of soap.
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What do masochists like?

Well it really depends on how much pain they like and what type of pain they like the best way to find out is to just ask them how they like it.

What is masochist and how to treat masochism disease?

  A masochist person is a male or female who openly or secretly gains pleasure from being abused by others or suffering misfortune or failure and having to endure punishme