What is public debt?

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its all of the money borrowed by the government over the years and not yet repaid, plus the accumulated interest on that money.
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What is public and national debt?

Public debt is the money owed by any one branch of the government.National debt is the money owed by all the branches of government.

Describe the debt held by the public?

Debt held by the public is issued by the federal government and held by nonfederal investors including the Federal Reserve. This is the financial liability for the government'

Bad effect of public debt?

• It may lead to wasteful government spending .. • It creates inflation • It is a burden to future generations • It is the reduction of future consumption

Why does the US have a large public debt?

Politicians get elected by making voters happy. Voters always want more public spending and less taxes. The only way to have both of those things at once is to borrow money. S

Why public debt bad?

Public debt means that your town, state or country is spending more money each year than it is 'earning' (i.e. coming in form taxes). To do this your town, state or country
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Is Public debt or External debt bigger?

The Public Debt is debt that is owed by the Government of the United States. The External Debt is that is owed to foreign countries. The current Public Debt is $16,738,541,240
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Where is it possible to learn about public debt?

You can learn about the public debt from a variety of locations. This includes looking up data that is supplied by the National Audit Office or by looking at literature from t
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How big is the Canadian public debt?

The Canadian public debt, which is also called the "national debt" or the "public debt" in Canada. The cost of the debt is constantly changing. You can find up to date informa
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What is the public debt?

The public debt is the debt that the United States government owesto other countries.
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What causes the nation's public debt?

The Federal Government spends more money than it collects in taxes. In some cases, such as in wartime, the Federal government needs to spend a lot of money recruiting soldiers