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In terms of intellectual property "public domain" refers to items that have no restrictions of use due to expiration of legal controls (patents, trademarks, copyright)
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Why Robert Johnson is not in public domain?

Upon a songwriter's death, copyright ownership passes to his heirs, so Johnson's work was the property of his half sister, as he did properly copyright the songs while living. However, 2008 is the 70th anniversary of his death, and according to copyright law, the copyright expires 70 years after the artist's death, so wait a month and they will be public domain.

Is sword in the stone public domain?

Regarding the 1938 novel by T.H. White:. If copyright was renewed, it will enter the public domain in 2033.. If copyright was not renewed, it is currently in the public domain.. Regarding the 1963 Disney film:. No.

Is 'Alice in Wonderland' in the public domain?

Lewis Carroll's books, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are in the public domain, as are the original Tenniel illustrations. . As it is well over one hundred years old, the original story is out of copyright, which may account for the thousands of versions of children's books, plays, etc. that you can find based on it. Movie versions and other unique adaptations may or may not be, as well as other illustrations. It depends on when they were released.

Is the Skater's Waltz public domain?

Written in 1882, Waldteufel's waltz "Les Patineurs" is in the public domain, but certain settings, arrangements, performances, and recordings may have their own protection.

Is Oswald the Rabbit public domain?

Control of the character of Oswald the Rabbit belongs to the Disney Corporation who reacquired him, in 2006, from Universal Studios as part of a compensation agreement allowing sportscaster Al Michaels to escape his Disney contract & sign with NBC. Assuming the necessary renewals of copyright were filed Oswald may be under copyright ownership until December 31st, 2022 (date of 1st publication [1927] +95 years).

Example of public domain?

The term of exclusive rights to a patent lasts for 20 years from the date the application is filed. After that, the material formerly patented is now available to the public unless the patent filer pays the renewal fees associated with the patent. Some examples of publicly available patents are powered flight, the English language, and the works of Shakespeare.

Is Stairway to paradise public domain?

"Stairway to Paradise" was published in 1922 by New World Music Corporation, w. B.G. De Sylva and Ira Gershwn, m. George Gershwin.. U.S. Copyright law provided for 75 years copyright protection for all works published in 1922 or earlier, therefore it entered the public domain in the USA on Jan 1, 1997. For most of the rest of the world, copyright protection is provided for 70 years after the death of the last surviving author. George Gershwin 1898-1937, Ira Gershwin 1896-1983, B.G. DeSylva 1895-1950. Since Buddy DeSylva died in 1950, the work will not enter the public domain internationally until Jan 1, 2020,. A copy of the sheet music can be found in UCLAs archive of Popular American Music, http://digital.library.ucla.edu/apam/ or a PD Sheet Music Reprint can be ordered from the Public Domain Information Project, www.pdinfo.com

Is Twilight in the public domain?

No. Under current U.S. Copyright Law, Twilight will remain under automatic copyright protection until 70 years after the death of the author, Stephanie Meyer.

When does a song becomes a public domain?

Copyright law varies from country to country; in the USA, any song published before 1922 is in the public domain. Mostly, the copyright survives until the composer(s) die and then for 75 years afterwards.

What tv show is are in the public domain?

There are quite a few TV shows whose copyrights were never renewedor were renewed improperly and have fallen into the public domain.There is an ongoing effort to determine what is & isn'tprotected but the list is far from complete. I've appended a partial list of, arguably, the most popular shows& the number of public domain episodes of each that have beendiscovered. Bear in mind however that these are not necessarilyconsecutive episodes or even from the same season. In some cases"special" episodes (anniversaries, births, deaths, etc) wereproperly copyrighted with an eye towards future rebroadcasts. Adventures of Jim Bowie 14 episodes Scott Brady Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet 104 half-hour, b&w shows. Adventures of Robin Hood 80 half-hour b&w shows Richard Greenas Robin. Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 39 half-hour b&w shows RonaldHoward as Holmes. Adventures of Sir Lancelot 30 episodes, some in color. Annie Oakley 24 shows Gail Davis Beverly Hillbillies 52 half-hour shows. Bob Cummings Show 20 Shows of "Love That Bob." Bonanza 31 One-hour color shows Buccaneers 28 episodes Cisco Kid -- 32 Color episodes. Duncan Renaldo. Dragnet 24 half-hour shows Dusty's Trail 17 color shows with Bob Denver. Flash Gordon 8 half-hours Steve Holland as Flash. Frontier Doctor 12 shows with Rex Allen. George Burns & Gracie Allen Show 13 episodes. Hawkeye & Last of the Mohicans 13 shows. John Hart. I Married Joan 24 half hours with Joan Davis, Jim Backus. Lancelot Link: Super Chimp 3 discs with 24 short adventures. Color,live-action chimps Lawless Years 24 shows. Great crime show set in 1920s. The Lone Ranger 16 half-hour b&w shows + 1 color. The Loretta Young Show 30 half-hours with Loretta The Lucy Show 30 half-hour color shows with Lucille Ball. Man with a Camera 29 episodes with Charles Bronson. Mr. & Mrs. North 32 episodes. Richard Denning and BarbaraBritton. My Little Margie 24 half-hours with Gale Storm, Charles Farrell. One Step Beyond 56 half-hour shows about the weird. Petticoat Junction 20 Shows. Private Secretary 16 shows with Anne Sothern. Racket Squad 20 shows. 1950's bunco squad Reed Hadley. Ramar of the Jungle 24 episodes with Jon Hall Range Rider 20 shows. Jock Mahoney, Dick Jones. Red Skelton Show 20 half-hour shows. Rocky Jones, Space Ranger 6 features made up of 3 TV episodes each. Roy Rogers Show 56 half-hour black and white shows. Sergeant Preston of the Yukon 12 color PD episodes. Stories of Century Western series with famous outlaws 36 shows. Trouble with Father 20 episodes with Stu Irwin. The Veil Boris Karloff supernatural show. 10 episodes. Victory at Sea 26 half-hour World War-II documentaries.

Is Cielito lindo public domain?

The song itself was written in 1882 and is therefore in the public domain, but certain settings, arrangements, recordings, and performances may still be protected.

What is a public domain book?

A public domain book is a piece of literature which is so old that copyright has expired on it. These books are usually referred to as "classic" books and are often sold by different publishers and are also freely available online. Books like Huckleberry Finn, older translations of The Bible and The Canterbury Tales are all examples of books that are in the public domain. Another class of books in the public domain in the USA includes anything that is a work of the officers or agents of the US government, created within the scope of their official duties. 17 USC § 105.

Is a jpg image public domain?

Very, very rarely. There may be embedded metadata noting its copyright, but even without that, it's safest to assume the image is protected unless proven otherwise.

Is Heart and Soul public domain?

There are far too many works by that name to give a conclusive answer; for example, there are more than 100 songs alone. The tune played on FAO Schwartz's giant piano in the film "Big" is controlled by Sony/ATV Harmony.

What is a public domain license?

If a work is in the public domain, it would not require a license. If the license itself (i.e., the words in the contract) has been published prior to 1923, or without the necessary copyright notice, or otherwise without copyright, then that would also be a "public domain license", meaning anyone could copy it without fear of copyright laws being used against them.

How do you tell what is public domain?

In the US, works created before 1923 are in the public domain. Unfortunately there is no reasonable way of determining the copyright status of works 1923-1963 without searching the paper records at the Copyright Office.

What is a public domain application?

A public domain application is one for which protection has expired (very unlikely) or which the creator has donated to the public domain. In computer applications, it is far more common to find Creative Commons- or GNU-licensed materials.

Is everything on the web public domain?

No, the copyright laws are a little tricky some subjects have fallen into pd because they have not had their copyright renewed, some things can't be copyrighted and for some that are, educational use is allowed.

How is public domain different from copyright?

Public domain means there IS no copyright. This only occurs in one of four ways: 1. The work had a copyright that expired and cannot be renewed. 2. The work was never properly copyrighted when it was published prior to 1989 in the USA by a US author. 3. It was created by the US government. 4. It is not copyrightable material (e.g., lists of facts, discoveries, ideas).

Is 'brief encounter' in the public domain?

No. UK copyright for film "runs out 70 years after the end of the year in which the death occurs of the last to survive of the principal director, the authors of the screenplay and dialogue, or the composer of any music specially created for the film."

What are some songs in the public domain?

In the US, all songs published before 1923 are in the public domain (although sound recordings of them may not be). A good resource is linked below, but you can also look at the wikipedia pages for "1922 in music" and so on for a list. Folk music, traditional songs, and hundreds of hymns are PD as well.

What Beatles songs are in the public domain?

In the EU, currently, the sound recordings of "Love Me Do" and "PS I Love You" are in the public domain. The rest from 1963-1970 onward, won't enter until 70 years after release (2033-2040). No Beatles recordings will enter into the US until 95 years after release (2057-2065). That's just for the recordings, though. The songs themselves, however, retain copyright until 70 years after the writers death. So George's songs will be pd in 2071. Lennon-McCartney songs won't expire until 70 years after Paul dies (same for Ringo's 2 songs). Fo it depends on whether you're talking about the songs themselves or the Beatles recordings of them.

When does a movie become public domain?

It depends what country it was created in. In members countries of the World Trade Organization, "the term of protection shall expire fifty years after the work has been made available to the public with the consent of the author, or, failing such an event within fifty years from the making of such a work, fifty years after the making" according to article 7 of the Berne Convention. Berne is only a minimum, so the US and some others have extended this; US movies are protected for 95 years from publication or 120 years from creation, whichever comes first.

Are search engines in the public domain?

No. Both the results they cough up and the coding behind them usually belong to companies and individual people. Unless the creator of the search engine specifically states otherwise, search engines are not in the public domain.

Is a book cover public domain?

Any creative work of art, photography or literature on a book cover is protected by the same copyright as the rest of the book. If the copyright has expired, i.e., 95 years after publication, then the cover also becomes public domain. Until then, no, the creative content of the cover is not public domain.

What is bad about public domain?

The broad assumption is that if something is in the public domain, there is no incentive for anyone to care for it. This is referred to as the tragedy of the commons, but has been fairly consistently disproved. For example, films in the public domain are much better cared for than films that archivists are prevented from migrating to new media by copyright restrictions.

Is Coventry Carol in the public domain?

It's extremely old isn't it? Is it the one that starts "...Lullay, thou little tiny child,?" it so i think it is like from 15th century English, therefore it should surely be in the public domain by now.

Is Waltzing Matilda public domain?

The song itself is in the public domain, but certain settings, arrangements, performances, and recordings may have their own protection.

Is Giradoux's Ondine in the public domain?

It is protected in France and other countries with a copyright term of life plus 70 years (such as the US), but in the public domain in shorter-term countries such as Canada.

Is animology public domain?

The website animology.com does seem to be public domain as of July, 2013. However, there is an anemology site in the UK that is not and is a site that sells pet products.

Is monopoly man in the public domain?

I assume you mean the "Rich Uncle Pennybags" character (themustachioed gent with the tuxedo and top hat). While I don't actually know for certain, I doubt it. He firstappeared on Monopoly cards in 1936, which is too new for him to bedefinitively in the public domain as far as copyright is concerned,and I strongly suspect he's a registered trademark (which goes bydifferent rules than copyright).