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Selective breeding is the process in which two animals from the same species reproduce due to useful characteristics. Two animals with a certain type of characteristic are bred together to produce offspring. Then the offspring with the most useful characteristic breeds with another offspring to produce more offspring. This process continues for generations until the offspring consistently have the useful characteristic farmers or scientists are looking for. Cross-breeding is a type of selective breeding except with animals from two organisms from the same species but not the same breed. Selective breeding is one of the most common causes for a wide range of breeds in animals and varieties in plants. this is incorrect
It is the process which humans use animal breeding and plant breeding to selectively develop particular characteristics by choosing which typically animal or plant males and females will sexually reproduce and have offspring together
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What is selective breeding cause by?

Selective breeding is caused by humans, we created selective breeding by finding out that if we mate two lions one with white lion gene (and white fur) and one with out the ge

Why is selective breeding known as artificial selection?

Selective breeding is known as artificial selection because you are  selecting the mates instead of letting them select their own. It's  bypassing nature so it's classified

How is selective breeding different from natural selection?

In selective breeding the traits that the offspring inheirits is controlled by the person who is doing the breeding. For example if a chihuahua breeder is looking to make smal

What is the product of selective breeding?

Selective breeding is when parents with idealistic traits are crossed (mate) to produce offspring with exaggerated versions of these traits. Multiple matings usually occur to

What is selective breeding in cows?

Selective breeding in cattle is the selection of genetics from the parent herd in order to produce offspring with genetic traits that are superior to those parents. It is a to

When did selective breeding begin?

  Selective breeding has been existed from approximately 1300-1600. The exact date is not possitive. It started with grain, getting better products' of grain and of coarse

Bad points of selective breeding?

The main bad thing about selective breeding is that it can be very bad for the animals health. Take the pedigree dog, the King Charles Spaniel. This dog has been selectively b

How is cross breeding different from selective breeding?

Cross breeding is simply taking two breeds of animals and mating them together (Such as a Charolais crossed with a Hereford). Where selective breeding is selecting the what

How are natural selection and selective breeding different?

Selective breeding is when farmers or bioligists breed certain animals together because of their traits. This is man made. For example, cattle are breeded together based on po

What are the steps of selective breeding?

Step One : Breed those individuals your plant/animal to have Step Two : Choose the characteristic you want Step Three : Select individuals that have the characteristic S
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Why is selective breeding expensive?

well there are many reasons to why it is expensive but I only know one, and that is that the animals that you have selectively bred may have consequences to the genes it has i