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A simulation is an artificial or illusional version of something. For example, if you create a computer game in which what appears to be a person throws what appears to be a basketball through what appears to be a hoop, you have a simulation of the game of basketball, even though no actual people, basketballs, or hoops are involved.

Simulation is an acting out or mimicking an actual or probable real life condition, event, or situation to find a cause of a past occurrence (such as an accident), or to forecast future effects (outcomes) of assumed circumstances or factors.

A simulation may be performed through:
  • solving a set of equations (a mathematical model),
  • constructing a physical (scale) model,
  • staged rehearsal,
  • game (such as war games), or a computer graphics model (such as an animated flowchart).
  • Whereas simulations are very useful tools that allow experimentation without exposure to risk, they are gross simplifications of the reality because they include only a few of the real-world factors, and are only as good as their underlying assumptions.

Naruto is a simulation game. In Naruto, you could pretend yourself as a ninja.
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What is a LSF simulator?

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Expensive to build a simulation model.  * Expensive to conduct simulation.  * Sometimes it is difficult to interpret the simulation results.  * Simulation concerns the mani

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What is the disadvantages of simulation?

A disadvantage of simulation in comparison to exact mathematical methods is that simulation cannot naturally be used to find an optimal solution. There are methods which long

What is an ECG simulator?

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ATM Simulator is basically an application software which acts as a simulation to ATM.

What is limited functionality simulation?

More functionality must be built into the prototype to demonstrate the work that the application will accomplish. Storyboards and animation techniques are not sufficient for t

What is stochastic simulation?

  the output will be different everyime

What are simulation benefits?

-It avoids danger and loss of life. -The result of simulation can be studied under different conditions. -It is cost effective(Does not cost much as the real experiment)

What is simulated leather?

  it is fake leather
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Where can you get a baby simulator?

you can buy them on eBay look under realcare baby i just bought one a yesterday and there is still one left for sale its a white girl go to eBay.ca (realcare baby)

How do you get mx simulator?

Go to their website (mxsimulator.com) and if you scroll down you will see that it says "Buy the full game".
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How do you simulate a vagina?

The first thing you want to do is lube up your penis. Then, get a sandwich bag and place your penis in it. Stick your penis in between the mattresses on your bed with the sand