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Believe it or not, it is the quantum bonds you have between yourself, the planet, and the rest of space. That, or simply having confidence in something you believe.
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What is spiritual reassessment?

Let's look at the words to figure this out, yes? Spiritual: Something to do with spirits, religion, and/or beliefs. Assessment: A decision on something. Re: A prefix that usua

What is spiritual stagnation?

Stagnation-Means to be inactive, stuck, or having lack of maturity   (In other words not growing or maturing)   To be spiritually stagnant is to be in a place where on

What is spiritual family?

A spiritual family is a family that consists of people who look at after one another in a spiritual way.. Families are bein torn apart in this day and age, but a family that i

What is spirituality?

It is an art of understanding what you are ,who you are, etc. When one rectifies his mistakes he comes to reality. When one understands his reality he comes to know what the s

What is spiritual physcology?

Spiritual psychology refers to a spot in the brain that has to deal with religion. Scientists have done some studies on religion that show that while religion may have a posit

What is a spiritual?

anytthing yo do with the energy realm as opposed to the material The cosmos are physical but hav an invisible side called the spirit world which acually rules reality Energy c

What are spirituals?

Spirituals are religious songs that were originated by African  Americans. Most of the spirituals date back to slavery days. The  songs were sung by the slaves as a way to p

What are spiritual blessings?

  spiritual blessings is when someone gives you positive energy so you can be successful at achiveing your goal.

What does a spiritual advisor do?

A spiritual adviser is kind of like your guardian angel, they are there in you life to guide you down the right path, and show you the answers and the real GOD.

What is a maturity?

Maturity is the inhibition over emotional leaning on someone or something. Someone can be the parent and something can be own reasoning. Reasoning matures with continued learn

What is maturation?

Maturation is a process where heredity unfolds in a systematic and automatic way as a result of biological signals. It is the process of maturing, in terms of development. For

How can you show your spirituality?

In the Bible: A spiritual person is one who has received the new life that is given to all who believe in Jesus Christ as personal saviour. Being controlled by the spirit

What is spiritual imprisonment?

Spiritual imprisonment is when a person goes to hell and is damned to stay there as on of the damned for his or her entire life as a spiritual being, which is for eternity, so