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What happened to Intercontinental life insurance co?

APPARENTLY THEY ARE ALIVE AND WELL...phone number is 800 925 6000. They are now called Intercontinental Life Corporation and they are based in Austin Texas. My father had a li

Who owns the US Life Insurance Co?

Go to ambest.com and look up the company by name. Relevant information will appear if this is the correct name of the company. I did a search for "US Life" on ambest.com and t

Who acquired Crown life insurance co?

The Canada Life Assurance Company on June 25, 1999.

How do you research an insurance policy with southland life insurance co?

If you are the owner of the life insurance policy you can call Southland Life. They are located in Atlanta, Georgia and their phone number is 770-850-7750. If you are not the

What is the number for Reassure America Life Insurance Company?

Contact info for Reassure America Life Insurance Company, per a billing statement received from them in September 2010, is: P.O. Box 305153 Nashville, TN 37230-5153 1-800-437

Where can I find Reassurance American life insurance co?

Do you mean Reassure America Life Insurance Company? If you had a CNA policy, the contact information for Reassure America is: Toll Free (800) 437-8854 100 Center View Drive S

Telephone number in Germany for usaa insurance?

00 800 531 81110 open monday thru friday 7am to 6 pm and sat 8 am to430 pm london time

How has the telephone changed American life?

We don't have to write letters or telegraphs to communicate with someone far away. Millions of people, and not just talking about Americans, have been using the telephone and