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What is the 2008 California non-resident withholding tax percentage?

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It is 7%
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I'm a Oregon resident buying a car in California Do I owe California sales tax?

Answer   I just called the California DMV and asked this same question.     To avoid the CA sales tax you need to either;   1. Flat bed the vehicle out of Ca

Is the employer obligated to withhold state tax or is it up to the employee?

  The employer is absolutely obligated to do so. Not doing so is subject to harsh penalties and even being responsible for the employees taxes. It is something taken very,

What is the difference between withholding taxes and not withholding taxes?

Withholding taxes are taxes that are subtracted from a payment by a third party before you receive the payment. Examples of this are: your employer takes taxes out of your pay

Can a student loan company withhold your income tax returns?

Yes, if you have defaulted on a student loan your taxes can in fact  be taken by the government to repay the loan. Please note that they  will also charge additional interes

Being a resident of Alaska do you have to pay sales tax in California?

Yes you do. Just because you are a resident of Alaska does not make you exempt from any kind of sales tax. If you go to another city, state, country, or whatever, you MUST abi

Why does the Federal Government use tax withholding?

It uses withholding because it needs a steady stream of income to pay for its expenditures and also because most people would not save enough money to be able to pay their tax

What is the tax percentage for gift tax?

The tax percentage for the gift tax is generally 45 percent.

What is backup withholding tax?

When a person, such as an employer, makes payments to another person, they must withhold and then pay a specified percentage of this payment to the Internal Revenue Service (I

Is general professional partnership subject to withholding tax?

the GPP itself are exempt for withholding tax but if the income payment are payable direct to the members of the GPP then it is subject to withholdinbg tax.. The GPP is not

What is the Social Security withholding tax rate?

The withholding amount by the employer from your earnings that are  subject to the old age survivors disability insurance is 7.65% for  the social security and medicare tax
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What is a withholding tax used for?

Withheld taxes are used for several things. City taxes and state taxes are withheld from one's paycheck. Federal taxes are also withheld from your check. That amount depends o