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What is the 800 number to call Washington Mutual Credit Card Company?

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The number is +1 800 788 7000
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What do you do when a credit card company closes and they do not provide a telephone number for you to call to settle the account?

%DETAILS%    Answer   Rarely do credit card companies close. They are simply making too much money to go out of business. And the fact that they continue to charg

If a credit card company calls your job can you stop them?

  Answer   Yes you can, let them know that they are calling your place of work and ask them to stop, if they continue then you can get them on harrassment. I believe

Washington Mutual routing number?

The swift code for Washington Mutual for their Seattle, Wa branch  is WMSBUS66. The routing number for that branch is 12371978.  Depending on which state the branch is locat

Can you sue a credit card company for excessively calling you?

The card company can call you as many times as they see fit - once  a day - in order to get you to honour your debt ! If you simply  refuse to co-operate and come to an agre