What is the CPT code for excision of rectal polyp?

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The code is 46922.
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CPT billling code for removal of rectal polyp?

By which method was the removal done, and how many polyps? Need more clarification to assign one of the following appropriate CPT codes: 45308 = removal of single tumor

What is the code for excision of anal polyp?

Need more information. Was this an endoscopic procedure, and if so, what method? (hot biopsy forceps or bipolar cautery? snare technique?) Also, was it one polyp, or multiple
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What is the cpt code for excision of lipoma groin?

I used 27043-27049, 27059. The closest to groin I got was vagina, which also refers in part to this region. Other option was pubis area, 27065 onwards.