What is the OpenOfficeOrg equivalent of Publisher?

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OpenOfficeOrg does not have software equivalent to Microsoft Publisher.
However, LibreOfficeOrg does.

LibreOffice is developed by the same people who created OpenOffice.
I don't believe there is an equivalent of M.S. Publisher in Open Office. The best you can do is use O.O. Writer, and insert text boxes and set pictures to Behind or In Front of text, then drag them to where you want them. You may also be able to get free document templates on the web which you can use to start out with. Try using a search engine to find such a thing
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What is publisher?

Publisher is Microsoft's desktop publishing application. It enables you to create professional looking documents, like magazines or newsletters or posters etc.

Who is the publisher?

The publisher depends on what is being published. Music often has adifferent kind of publisher than children's books for example.

Is there a Mac equivalent to Publisher?

There is nothing quite as bad as Microsoft's Publisher available for the Mac. There are several options for putting together documents. These range from Apple's Pages (part of

How do you display a square root symbol using openofficeorg impress?

In a text box: ALT- I nsert -> S p ecial Character Then search for it (it appears at U+221A in Liberation Sans/Mathematical operators; probably in same place for other f

Name of information processing tools in OpenOfficeorg?

The OpenOffice suite is actually a number of different applications accessable through a simple menu. The information processing tools in OpenOffice is called Base as in Datab

How do you make a openofficeorg document landscape?

If your text document consists only of pages with the same page style, you can change the page properties directly: 1.Choose Format - Page. 2.Click the Page tab. 3.Under

Who owns openofficeorg?

Open office is owned by Sun microsystems. The original program was released as open source in 2000. Open source means that anyone can suggest improvements or enhancements to t

What are Microsoft Word and openofficeorg examples of?

MS word is a word processor OpenOfficeOrg is an office productivity suite that includes a word processor (and a spreadsheet application, a database application, a presentatio