What is the OpenOfficeOrg equivalent of Publisher?

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OpenOfficeOrg does not have software equivalent to Microsoft Publisher.
However, LibreOfficeOrg does.

LibreOffice is developed by the same people who created OpenOffice.
I don't believe there is an equivalent of M.S. Publisher in Open Office. The best you can do is use O.O. Writer, and insert text boxes and set pictures to Behind or In Front of text, then drag them to where you want them. You may also be able to get free document templates on the web which you can use to start out with. Try using a search engine to find such a thing
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How do you get a song published?

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How do you get published?

The easiest way to get published is through a wikizine (wiki-magazine). The most popular one is Millennial Magazine. If you submit your story/article it usually gets published online within a few hours for many others to read. It worked for me! Answer from KingofStarfox: Getting published, i (MORE)

Do you pay for a book to get published or does the publisher?

Generally, a publisher pays you for the rights to publish your book. A publisher takes on all costs of publication and pays the author based on the contract signed. Self-published authors generally have to pay all production costs associated with publishing (binding, advertising, etc.), but reap all (MORE)

What is publisher?

Publisher is Microsoft's desktop publishing application. It enables you to create professional looking documents, like magazines or newsletters or posters etc.

Who is the publisher?

The publisher depends on what is being published. Music often has adifferent kind of publisher than children's books for example.

What is Microsoft Publisher?

It is a publishing software introduced by Microsoft. Using MSpublisher you can create brochure, pamphlets, templates for email,post cards, signs, programs and even websites.

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Write the best poem you can then send it to a magazine that publishes the kind of poetry you write. The best way to find which magazines are currently accepting submissions is to check the newest edition of Poet's Market. This book is published annually by Writer's Digest. Most libraries have it.. (MORE)

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You get the latest copy of Writers' Market (or Poets' Market) and look. This book (and CD) lists every publisher who is currently accepting manuscripts of any sort -- it also tells you what sort of writing they're looking for and how much they will pay.

Which publishers will publish books by children?

Publishers don't really care how old the writer is --- they care how well written the book is. Get the latest copy of Writers' Market and start looking for publishers who publish the sort of books that you have written, and send off your manuscript.

Can you send your self published book to a publisher with view to publishing?

Yes; however, you may have already short yourself in the foot if your self-published book has sold zero to few copies. Publishers are in business to publish books that will SELL. And it's your job as the author to sell your books. If you have a self-published book that is selling well, publish (MORE)

What is a publishing?

To prepare and issue (printed material) for public distribution or sale.. To bring to the public attention; announce. . for ghost publishing check nomadceo.com.

Is there a Mac equivalent to Publisher?

There is nothing quite as bad as Microsoft's Publisher available for the Mac. There are several options for putting together documents. These range from Apple's Pages (part of their iWork suite) , iStudio, Swift Publisher up to Adobe's Indesign. (See links below)

0.4 and 0.40 is equivalent not equivalent?

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How do you display a square root symbol using openofficeorg impress?

In a text box: ALT- I nsert -> S p ecial Character Then search for it (it appears at U+221A in Liberation Sans/Mathematical operators; probably in same place for other fonts too). Alternatively, you can use: Alt_ I nsert -> O bject -> F ormula to insert a formula box and use the fun (MORE)

Where are statutes published?

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Is publishing an adjective?

Publishing can be used as a noun, meaning "the business of a publisher", or as a present tense verb, meaning "issuing". Publishing can also be an adjective. For example: Jon works for a publishing company in Italy. The company has publishing rights to several new books.

Name of information processing tools in OpenOfficeorg?

The OpenOffice suite is actually a number of different applications accessable through a simple menu. The information processing tools in OpenOffice is called Base as in Database. It is a fully functional SQL system

How do you make a openofficeorg document landscape?

If your text document consists only of pages with the same page style, you can change the page properties directly: 1.Choose Format - Page. 2.Click the Page tab. 3.Under Paper format, select "Portrait" or "Landscape". 4.Click OK.

Who was a sensational publisher?

There are two types of publishing companies music and books. Thereare many wonderful publishers in each of these areas and fordifferent genres.

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First your score divide items second times it to 50 third add a 50 then that is the equivalent example 25 divide by 50 0.5 x 50 25 + 50 = 75 % .

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You cannot publish a fan fiction unless you have written permission from the author that you are writing a fan fiction of.

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How can publish your journals?

the best way i would say is to take it to a publisher and ask them to look over it and see if it shows potential. Now days anyone can write a book about their childhood. Good luck!

What is published date?

\n. It is the date an article was published. It usually appears at the top or bottom of the article.

Who owns openofficeorg?

Open office is owned by Sun microsystems. The original program was released as open source in 2000. Open source means that anyone can suggest improvements or enhancements to the program, and submit such changes for study by the programs creator. Microsoft will not allow the public to do that - mai (MORE)

What are Microsoft Word and openofficeorg examples of?

MS word is a word processor OpenOfficeOrg is an office productivity suite that includes a word processor (and a spreadsheet application, a database application, a presentation application and some other stuff, applications which are also in the Microsoft Office package)

Where can you get it published?

Depends what the 'it' is. The 'it' you mean is probably a book, which in most cases you need an agent to talk to a publisher, or they won't look at your work. You can pay to self publish with companies like AuthorHouse, who published the well known book 'Legally Blonde'

What does West Publishing publish?

West Publishing is an American publisher which is now a division of Thomson. It is known for publishing legal and business information for the corporate sector.

What does the publisher Reed Elsevier publish?

The publisher Reed Elsevier publishes ScienceDirect which provides 25% of the world's science, technology and medicine full text and bibliographic information. Reed Elsevier also publishes Scopus which is the world's largest abstract and citation database.

How do I get a publishing company to publish my magazine?

By convincing them that enough people would read it. Today, I suggest you start by making a web magazine. If you can show that you have plenty of followers there, thatll make a good argument that people would want to read your stuff on paper too.