What is the Spanish word for vampire?

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Un vampiro = A vampire
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What is a vampire?

A vampire is a blood thirsty creature, with usually great speed and strength. They have pale white skin, and different color eyes than humans. Ahhhhhhhh. Lol Like Edward Cullen :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ni (MORE)

Are you a vampire?

No, I am an umpire. It's a common mistake, happens all the time. No offence.

What are vampires?

Vampires are mythological or folkloric revenants who subsist byfeeding on the blood of the living. In folkloric tales, the undeadvampires often visited loved ones and caused mischief or deaths inthe neighbourhoods they inhabited when they were alive. They woreshrouds and were often described as bloa (MORE)

Where does the word Vampire come from?

The word 'Vampire' comes from the Slavic word 'Obyri.' The Greekword 'Nosophoros,' which translates into 'plague carrier' evolvedinto the Slavonic word, 'nosufor-atu.' The words 'vampire' and'Nosferatu' are interchangeable. In folklore, early versions of thedepiction of vampires were associated with (MORE)

Why are you a vampire?

You are a vampire because you have vampire blood and have either 1) been turned (like me) or 2) been born one because someone in your family is one.

What is the french word for vampire?

The French word for "vampire' IS "vampire". It is a cognate. The only difference is the pronunciation, which is more like "vam-peer-ay". Example: Vampire bat in French is "souris vampire".

What can vampires do?

Vampires can bite people. But not all the time do they kill them. You see when They have super speed. some can see what is going to happen. They can make you fell something different than what you want to fell when they'er close to you In what context are you inquiring about? If you mean their abi (MORE)

Is there another word for vampire?

There is one other popular term: Nosferatu. Different cultures have their own versions, and terms for, what are called vampires in English. Additional: Nosferatu has an etymological history that is very ambiguous and doubtful. It's most common accepted literal meaning is "the unclean one" or "t (MORE)

What does vampire do?

they suck your blood at night. yeah no... vampires can do much more than that. vampires are able to read minds and control minds and if they focus they can levitate a bit they have insane physical abilities. Vampires don't have to have fangs but some do.

Can you be a vampire?

No, vampires are fictional, or mythical, creatures. There are those that like to cosplay a vampiric lifestyle, but they remain regular mortal people.

Are you vampire?

Vampires never admit to being a vampire until someone finds it out themselves... and then are killed or sired

What do vampirs do?

Vampires drink blood to survive, and they live their lives like humans do for the most part.

What can a vampire do?

well im a vampire so...we can bite through metal...were undiscribly handsom, were fast,strong and we go around and live forever

If you are a vampire?

Run away from your family, go live in a wildlife preserve, avoid the sun. Don't bite humans.\n. \n...I wouldn't be quite so concerned about my health.

What is the Latin word for vampire?

Sanguine in latin means blood thirsty. In a lot of cases it is used for th eword vampire.. Sanguine in latin means blood thirsty. In a lot of cases it is used for th eword vampire.

What does the word vampire mean?

Referring to Wikipedia the word vampire is believed to be derived from the Tartar word for witch. Other derivations are also mentioned.

What do you no about vampires?

Well known things about (Twilight) vampires are:. Suck blood; human or animal . Sparkle in the sun . Beautiful . Invincible . Normal looking teeth

Is vampiric a word?

Yes, it means to act as a vampire. It can refer to literally acting like a vampire, or figuratively, such as preying on others. It can also have to do with draining life or energy from someone else to help yourself.

What do you do to be a vampire?

It Depends on what book (or movie): Vampire Diaries: You must have a lot of Vampire blood in your system, then you have to die. Twilight Series: You have to be bitten, then the venom will kill you. Thirst: Large amounts of vampire blood must enter your system. Starless, (I know this book doesn't e (MORE)

How does the word vampire came?

It originated form the 18th century, a foke law to keep children from wandering into the woods and other wildness on there own.

What can vampires do that we can not?

Well, some vampires have cool powers such as: reading minds or telling the future. Vampires are also very strong fast, and are nearly indestructible. They don't eat human food because they survive off of blood (human or animal). they also are abnormally beautiful and have very pale,ice cold skin.

Are you are vampire?

It depends on how you act if you are exactly like Edward Cullen then you are just a crazy of course that's just my opinion

What is the Irish word for 'vampires'?

As for vampires: vaimpírí; deamhain fola; sumairí; creachairí (fola); sumairí (fola). Vampire (singular): vaimpír; deamhan fola; creachaire (fola); sumaire (fola ).

Are vampires out there?

In fact, They are, And heres the proof. I am about to prove every "Sientific" Fact wrong. See the goverment knows the existanc of vampires, It's like the fact of aliens. They dont what all the mortals to know. 1. They do Exist. 2. "If Vampires Exitsted then how do they eat if they fee (MORE)

What is translation word for vampires in greek?

ΑΙΜΟΒΟΡΟΙ / αιμοβόροι (plural, male). ΑΙΜΟΒΟΡΑ / αιμοβόρα (plural, neutral). This is the translation for the literal meaning of this word which seems to be of Greek origin (this must be the root-wo (MORE)

How can you be a vampires?

You can't. They don't exist. You can dress in black and drink human blood if you like, but that doesn't make you a vampire since vampires are by definition undead, which you are not and can never be.

What can vampires do that you can not?

Assuming vampires exist and have 'powers' as described in most legends, there are a couple differences between humans and vampires. Vampires are commonly told to have extremely quick reflexes, super speed, and enormous amounts of strengths. They are sometimes told with the ability to fly. It is a co (MORE)

How do you no if your a vampire?

If your a vampire then you will have a craving for blood, pale skin, And a unique power, Such as Telekinesis, Telepathy, Flying, Etc. Eye color doesn't matter. Some vampires don't have fangs. These are referred as vampires from true roots. Instead their teeth can puncture anything. Enless they have (MORE)

Can you be vampire?

NO vampires arnt real they only exist if u r a actor and play a character how ever there have been reports of people who actually kill be and drink there blood though hey are not killed by getting biten, they also do not wear capes, or very pale, or only come out in in the night they are normal pers (MORE)

How do you get to be a vampire?

You can't. Vampires do not exist. Some deluded individuals pretend to be vampires, but pretending is fantasy, and fantasy is not real.

How many words are in the vampire academy?

I have the entire series on my kindle, so I won't really know how many pages are in the paperback books, but I'll just give you what I got. In Vampire Academy, there are 332 pages. In the entire series, there are approximately 2,679 pages.

What can vampired do?

they can bite people, not always killing themthough, they cannot touch anything holy or elsethey will turn to dust as they will if they come in contact withsunlight.

What can vampires do and not do?

Depends on the type of vampire you are taking about. many cultures have vampires each with their own powers and specialities.

What are some words describing vampires?

immortal, dead, pale, blood-thirsty, undead, demonic, Machiavellian, evil, anathema, accursed, abomination, condemned, detestable, execrable, cursed, contemned, despised, reprehensible, tormented, profane, abhorrent, malevolent, godless, sacrilegious, idolatrous, impious, impure, indecent, unholy, m (MORE)