What is the Spanish word for vampire?

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Un vampiro = A vampire
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What is the french word for vampire?

The French word for "vampire' IS "vampire". It is a cognate. The only difference is the pronunciation, which is more like "vam-peer-ay". Example: Vampire bat in French is "sou

What does the word vampire mean?

Referring to Wikipedia the word vampire is believed to be derived from the Tartar word for witch. Other derivations are also mentioned.

Is vampiric a word?

Yes, it means to act as a vampire. It can refer to literally acting like a vampire, or figuratively, such as preying on others. It can also have to do with draining life or en

How many words are in the vampire academy?

I have the entire series on my kindle, so I won't really know how many pages are in the paperback books, but I'll just give you what I got. In Vampire Academy, there are 332 p