Bay Kennish is artistic and edgy. Do you possess any similarities with Bay in real life?

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What is the summary of his novel?

It is difficult to provide a summary for his novel without providing the name or the author. The summary of a novel will include only the main points of the novel and the char

What is the summary of the novel 'Freak the Mighty'?

  The summary is about an Ld A summary of Freak the Mighty: (i am not sure whether or not you want summaries in each chapter or a general, broad statement, so i'll give y
How many novels did Victor Hugo write?

How many novels did Victor Hugo write?

Nine:    Bug-Jargal  Han d'Islande  Le Dernier Jour d'un condamné  Notre-Dame de Paris  Claude Gueux  Les Misérables  Les Travailleurs de la mer  L'Homme qui ri

How does the creature respond to victor in frankenstein's novel?

The creature tells Victor that he expected this kind of behavior from him and offers Victor a deal. If Victor accepts the deal, the creature will leave mankind alone, but if V

A matter of trust by anne schraff summary?

The characters of the story are Hakeem, Darcy, the main character, and Brisana. Darcy is a girl that goes to a high school called Bluford High. In Bluford High, she hangs ou
What is the summary of the novel Rosaura A Las Diez?
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What is the summary of the novel Rosaura A Las Diez?

A young woman named Rosaura goes missing, and the story unfolds  with different narrators explaining each side of the story. It is  believed she is the product of a middle-a

Were can you get chapter summaries for the novel 'Wolf on the Fold'?

Chapter 1   In the first story, which shares the book's title,  fourteen-year-old Kenny Sinclair bikes Depression-era Australia in  search of a job. He believes his task

What is the summary of the novel La Linea?

A short summary of the novel La Linea would include describing how two young children try to immigrate from Mexico to the United States in order to join their parents who had