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What is the abbreviation for account?

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A lot of blockbusters are advertised on your website as having discounts. Does the movie theater also choose which movie gets discounted, and are those usually the big names that people are going to see anyway, or do they try to promote the smaller, less popular movies?

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What does the abbreviation IFRIC in accounting mean?

International Financial Reporting Interpretation Committee, a support group of the International Accounting Standards Board who issues clarifications and application guideline (MORE)

Shorten your Words: Using Abbreviations in Writing

Abbreviations are a useful tool when you wish to save a little time and space in writing. The issue is that only select words can be abbreviated, and there is sometimes a diff (MORE)

Separate Checking for a Small Business?

One item every sole proprietor needs for their business is a business checking account that is separate from their personal account. (MORE)

How to Account for Accounts Receivable

This article explains how to account for and report accounts receivable, amounts owed to your business by customers for merchandise that they purchased from you. Accounts rece (MORE)

Mutual Funds: managing a taxable account

The vast majority of us are underinvested for retirement. The reasons vary and none are good. Some investors may look beyond those accounts. If so, the management of a taxable (MORE)

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What is the proper abbreviation for accounts?

Accts is by far the most common abbreviation for accounts. Other less frequently used abbreviations for account are listed here: http://www.all-acronyms.com/reverse/Account

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What is NCR abbreviation in sales accounting?

NCR means Net Commodity Rate.  It involves all the rates from manufacturing / making charges, packing, transportation, etc.. up to reaching the customer.  Therefore NCR = ( (MORE)

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What does the abbreviation Dr. mean in accounting?

  Dr means Debere in latin stands for 'what comes in' or in simple words whatever assets business owns or the expenses it has to pay comes under debit.   while cr means (MORE)