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What does the abbreviation IFRIC in accounting mean?

International Financial Reporting Interpretation Committee, a support group of the International Accounting Standards Board who issues clarifications and application guideline

What is the abbreviation for accounting?

acctg. There are many forms of accounting used throughout the business  world. The abbreviation for accounting that is often used is acct.

What does the abbreviation 'm' mean in accounting?

It has come to mean one million in general usage, although it sometimes used to mean one thousand (coming from the Roman numeral "M" denoting 1,000). One million is abbrevia

What is the proper abbreviation for accounts?

Accts is by far the most common abbreviation for accounts. Other less frequently used abbreviations for account are listed here: http://www.all-acronyms.com/reverse/Account

What is NCR abbreviation in sales accounting?

NCR means Net Commodity Rate.  It involves all the rates from manufacturing / making charges, packing, transportation, etc.. up to reaching the customer.  Therefore NCR = (

What does the abbreviation Dr. mean in accounting?

  Dr means Debere in latin stands for 'what comes in' or in simple words whatever assets business owns or the expenses it has to pay comes under debit.   while cr means

What is the abbreviation of an accounting associate's degree?

Answer 1: In the United States, a two-year associates degree in accounting would likely be an "Associate of Science" (AS) degree (though at some schools it would be an "Associ