What is the actaul temperature of planet earth?

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The average temperature on the earth is twenty four degree celcius and if it is changed little more or less the results will be affected all over the world and every natural system will be affected by it. It is very important to maintain the ideal temperature of planet earth.
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What is the average temperature on Planet Earth?

The average temperature of Earth according to NASA figures is 15°C. The hottest temperature ever recorded on our planet was 70.7°C in the Lut Desert of Iran in 2005. O

Which planet temperature is similar to Earth?

Mars is only about 100 degrees colder than the Earth, which makes it closer than any other planet. But there are NO other planets with a temperature "similar" to Earth's.

Which planet has higher temperature Earth or Mars?

Mars: The temperature is typically about 210 Kelvin (-63 o C or -81 o F). However, the equatorial regions of Mars may occasionally reach temperatures of up to 10-20 o C (
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What planet temperature is closest to the earths?

Mercury has an average surface temperature (67°) closest to the Earths average surface temperature (14°C). The temperature on Mercury varies a lot though - you could arg