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Thrombophilia is the term for a disorder that cases blood to clot too much. Thrombophilia has many forms and can often be genetic as well.
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What is hemophilia?

Hemophilia is a condition where the blood does not want toclog up or clot in an open wound or abrasion. The cause is a factordeficiency in the plasma of the blood needed to c

How can you get hemophilia?

More or less, the answer is you can't. Hemophilia is a genetic disease, not infectious. It is caused by agenetic defect on the X chromosome (I think) that prevents bloodfro

Who can get hemophilia?

Hemophilia normally refers to a genetic disorder that can be eitherinherited or the result of a spontaneous mutation. Since thegenetic form of hemophilia is linked to a mutati

How do you get hemophilia?

The majority of hemophilia cases are genetic and the individual is born with it. Approximately 1/3 of the cases of genetic hemophilia are spontaneous mutations in that person

When does Hemophilia occur?

Traditional Hemophilia is present from birth and throughout the individual's life. This is because the disorder is genetically linked and genetics are pretty much set at the t

What can hemophilia cause?

Hemophilia is a disorder that is defined by the absence of one or more proteins required for blood clotting. If a person with hemophilia is injured, the bleeding is prolonged

Can a woman have hemophilia?

It is possible yes, but highly unlikley. There have only been a couple of cases of female hemophilics. These were the products of cousin marriages with both mother and father

Can you grow out of hemophilia?

No. Unfortunately, it's in your genes. It's just like how you can't grow out of blue eyes or blonde hair. Yet, you can get replacement gene therapy to lessen bleeding episodes

How can you receive hemophilia?

Hemophilia is normally passed down from mother to son through the X chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes whereas males only have one. When a boy is born, he takes one X
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Is hemophilia environmental?

No, hemophilia is something you are born with from the imperfect genes of your parentage.
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Is Hemophilia cureable?

No, at least not with the current knowledge in genetic therapyperhaps.
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Who had hemophilia?

Probably one of the most famous heamophiliacs was Tsar Nicolas II'sson Alexei Nikolaevich as well as his mother Alexandra . Another famous person, was Queen Victoria
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What hemophilia do?

It is a disease where the blood does not clot. Victims bruiseeasily from very mild touch and can easily bleed to death fromminor cuts or scrapes.