What is the average chance of a house fire?

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The odds of your house burning down are pretty small. It happens to just .08 percent of U.S. citizens.

- Randy Watson, CLU, BCE
August 22nd, 2009
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How hot is an average fire?

The average house fire can reach temperatures of over 1,000degrees. Forest fires average temperatures of about 800 degreesFahrenheit.

A house on fire composition?

Soon I was at the place. Already a large crowd of people had gathered near a big building which was on fire. Flames were rising high. People were running about confused. The cries of children got mixed with the shrieks of women. It was really a heart-rending scene. Soon the news spread. Some boy sco (MORE)

Why is there a red light on a fire house?

From the early railroad era. When the train came into a town/station, the engineer would have several things to do before the engin was ready to continue. While he accomplished these tasks, his fireman would often go into town to visit the ladies or whatever....The fireman always took a lantern from (MORE)

What do you do if there is a fire in your house?

get out of the house as fast as you can and then go to your neighbors house and ask to call 911 on there phone if your not good friends with them don't go into there house if you alone and call your parent AFTER you call 911.

When was the white house ever on fire?

It was attacked by the British during the war of 1812.In 1814,the British Army set it on fire. In 1929,the west wing had a fire.Herbert Hoover was the President.

What are the chances of my house being hit by lightning?

it depends on how tall your house is. if you have a two story house and it is surrounded by one story houses you might want to watch out but really you shouldn't be concerned about it. ------- You can never be to sure about this. Now if your house is struck by lightning, make sure you call 9 (MORE)

Who has a better chance of surving a fire?

Those with the best chance of survival in a fire are those with a small measure of emergency preparedness. They know where extinguishers are should they elect to suppress a fire, and they know where exits are to get out in case a fire is large enough that they feel it is not something they can stop. (MORE)

What is the average age of a fire chief?

The average age of a fire chief is around 36-40. The age depends onhow long they have been with the force and what the requirementsare in their city, county or state.

When was the fire house invented?

In ancient Rome, fire brigades were formed to fight fire and to enforce corporal punishment on those who flouted the fire codes. This was at least before 24 BCE. They used a bucket brigade of slaves as the fire fighting mechanism. Once the concept was thought of, it would have been natural to have (MORE)

How do fire go to house to house?

it spreads on the ground at sets anything in its way like houses. This isn't entirely true. Flames usually penetrate the walls from the inside out, coming out through windows or vents, making the flames reach other houses. If the houses are close enough, its will cause what is called a flash-over (MORE)

How does a fuse protect a house from fire?

If the electricity flow through the fuse becomes too large the fuse will "blow" when this happens the metal strip that completes the circuit is gone, not allowing electricity to pass through

Will ceramic survive a house fire?

It would depend on how hot the fire gets. If the fire burns really hot then the clay can actually melt and slump. I've seen wood firings where several pots were fired too hot and melted to the kiln shelf. It also depends on what kind of ceramic material is being burned. Stoneware can stand up to muc (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream your house is on fire?

It usually means that you are nervous or scared. . In dreams, one's house usually symbolizes one's life, with various rooms representing specific areas of life: the bedroom and bathroom are intimate areas of life, the front porch is a public area, the kitchen and dining room might be social or nurt (MORE)

Sonny With a Chance why did they fire sonny?

Well, in Sonny with a secret, Sonny was fired because she was accused of stealing the Sicky Vicky character from a girl named Vicky Sickowitz. She was also fired because she was making the ratings go down. But in the end she was hired back. :)

Can a Xbox catch your house on fire?

Any electronic device that is required to plug in whether for charging or use, brings you the hazard of over-heating and possibly a fire. All you need to do is make sure you don't leave it on before going to sleep, play for a long period of time without a fan on or window open with circulation to (MORE)

Did the white house ever get on fire?

Yes, it was ransacked and burned by the British in 1814. James Madison was president, and his wife, Dolley Madison, saved as many national treasures as she could from the building before it was burned, including the full length portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart

How does diamond burn in house fire?

Diamond has the highest melting point of any natural mineral. A diamond will probably not be affected by a 'house fire', but its setting might show damage.

What are the odds of your house catching on fire?

Naturally if left undisturbed not all that high. But this is one of those things that changes wildly based on other variables. Are there kids in the house, do you live in a "bad" part of town, do you live in a country experiencing war or riots, is the wiring in the house up to code, is the house in (MORE)

What are the chances of you bird coming back to your house?

There is almost no chance of a bird returning to your house. A dog might, if it likes the owner, but the dog can find its way back by scent. If a bird escapes, it is almost guaranteed never to be found (unless somebody finds it in the wild and recaptures it; you may want to get your bird banded or s (MORE)

How can a house catch fire?

Many house fires are caused by cooking accidents in the kitchen. Frying on a stove is dangerous and unattended cooking fires account for almost half of ALL interior house fires! Other common sources of house fires include: . chimney fires, improperly installed or maintained heating equipment . (MORE)

Will bankruptcy hurt your chances in buying a house?

this really depends on the lender. Of course after the big mortgage bubble in '08-'09 the advent of subprime mortgage lending has sort of come and gone. Although some buyers may not truly be able to afford the home they're buying, on paper they are going to need to appear to be able to. Otherwise th (MORE)

Can leaks in houses cause fire?

In general yes. Even a water leak can cause an electrical short circuit that can ignite a fire and a gas leak is certainly dangerous.

What is the average fire hose made out of?

In the past fire hoses were made of natural fiber and the most popular natural fiber used was cotton. Currently most fire hoses are made of synthetic fiber like polyester and nylon filament.

What is the average price for coal fires?

The best guess seems to be $50 per month to heat a house with coal but it is very hard to determine the cost for each fire. It is considered a cost effective heating fuel.

Can a microwave start a house fire?

Any electrical device if used improperly can cause a house fire.This has happened a few times when people were popping corn using apaper bag, oil, and closed the bag with a metal core twist tie. Thetwist tie ignited the oil soaked paper bag, when the user panickedand opened the microwave door the bu (MORE)