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What is the average time of an advert on tv?

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The average time is between 30 seconds and 1 minute, but there are occasionally longer adverts, such as the yeo valley advert, which is 2:02
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How can tv adverts influence people?

Because the adverts like bendaroos, paperoni, zuh zuh pets and more people adverts always go online to win and they then get to be on the tv and maybe win a prize!

Average time spent watching tv?

The average American spends at least five hours a day watching  television. Television viewing continues to increase as we get  older.

Is advertizing on tv ethical or unethical?

Depends on the advertisement and on the way it's placed: most TV advertisements are neutral, because while they don't act for a greater good (lining the corporation's pockets

What are some ducks in TV adverts?

The most famous duck on a TV commercial that I can think of is the Aflac duck. Another one is the duck from the harpic toilet cleaner and there is one in the oasis advert and

What is TV adverts?

T.V adverts are the 'Ads' that show up just after or between a shows interval. T.v adverts (short for advertisments) usually advertise things like food, perfume drinks, rest