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What is the average weight of a laptop computer?

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The average weight of a laptop is bout 6 pounds.

That's about 2.72Kg
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What is a laptop computer?

A laptop is a mobile computer which typically has a battery, motherboard, keyboard, touchpad, and other essential parts built into the base with a folding monitor.

How are a desktop computer and a laptop computer different?

Laptops are portable, but desktops aren't. As the names suggest, desktops are best used on desks, and you can conveniently put a laptop on your lap when you use it. Though lap

Are notebook computer and laptop computer the same?

Notebooks and Laptops are the same thing. Both words mean the same computer however a Netbook is where the difference is. A Netbook is usually a computer that has less hardwar

What is the average price of a Dell laptop?

Dell has a variety of pricing options as it pertains to laptops. Depending on the configuration and options that you choose they can be anywhere from $300 to $1700. Dell allow

What is the lightest weight laptop available?

Lightweight laptops can be easier to carry around, but the chargers can be bulky and heavy. What is currently thought to be the lightest laptop is made by a company in Taiwan

What is the average price for computers laptops?

Laptops range from a couple of hundred dollars (like the 11.6-inch Samsung Chromebook, $279 on Amazon) to a few thousand (Macbook Pro, 15-inch: 2.7GHz with Retina display, $2,

What is average price of laptop computer?

  Gaming PC Laptop: 3,000$ to 10,000$ Minimum Performance PC Laptop: 500$-600$ Higher Performance PC Laptop: 1200$-3500$ Apple Macbook: 1100$ Apple Macbook Air: 1800$

How long does the average laptop computer last?

Depends, clean it out every week be careful with viruses and it should last 2 or 3 years. If not maybe 1 and a 1/2 or 2 1/2 yeArs. I had my first one for four years! Like I sa

How much weight can you put on a laptop computer?

1-5 pounds but if your on a couch you can probably put 1-150 and if a person sits on it and your on a couch it doesn't matter because the fat will act like a cushion and same