What is the basic principle of quantum physics?

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The basic principle of Quantum Physics is uncertainty. This is at the core of the Uncertainty Principle, Superposition of States, and Quantum Tunneling and Entanglement.

Energy can occur only in discrete levels. This 'quantization' is determined by plank's constant
6.626068 × 10-34 m2 kg / s
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What is a principle quantum number?

The principle quantum number has the symbol n. It tells which energy level an electron is in. The values include one and beyond. The lower the number, the closer the energy le

What are quantum physics?

Quantum physics are the laws used to govern the goings on in the realm of the micro because Newtonian physics (the old physics) do not apply to this realm. Quantum mechanics a

What is the basic principle behind quantum mechanics?

The theory of quantum mechanics is mostly based on the idea that all particles are describe by wave functions. In other words, particles are not simply items located at a spec

Quantum mechanics and quantum physics apply to?

Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics apply to so many aspects of science that, despite how radical it is, its still accepted. This is because almost all of astronomical physi

What is quantum physics?

Quantum physics looks at the world of physics in terms of 'packages', or particles. Ie, gravity acts the way it does do to the behavior of the 'gravitron', which is a quantize
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What is the function of principle quantum number?

A principle quantum number is always symbolized by a lowercase letter "n." The function of a principle quantum number is to show positive integer values in an equation.
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What are the principles of quantum cryptography?

Creates security keys using procedures and protocols. Creates security through the use of single-photon light pulses. Is based on the law that a photon's state will change i
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What is quantum physics and quantum mechanics?

Actually they are the same. It deals with physical phenomena at a microscopic scale, like how electrons can behave and move about. The interaction between particles is very di