What is the best translation of the aeneid or what translation of the aeneid should you buy?

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As with all questions of translations it depends on what you're looking for. For those who are looking to read for pleasure and want to keep things simple yet vivid, then Fitzerald, Fagles, and Lombardo are your best picks. None of them are extremely accurate to Virgil's original in terms of rhythm, syntax, diction, or wordplay, but are highly readable and accessible in English. Of that group I would recommend Fitzerald. Moving upwards in difficulty/accuracy we have Allen Mandlebaum, whom I think strikes a good balance between extremes while remaining poetic. Mandlebaum is often my first pick for translations. F. Jackson Knight renders the work in prose, which means he's likely the most accurate word-for-word available, but you do lose the "poetry".

My current two favorite renderings of The Aeneid are Sarah Ruden and Frederick Ahl, with a preference for the latter. Ahl is a lifelong fan of The Aeneid and spent over a decade translating it, with the intent on staying as faithful to Virgil as possible on as many levels as possible. His copious notes also help illuminate the historical context and many of Virgil's references. There's also the classic John Dryden translation, but it was written in the 18th Century and may seem anachronistic today, but it's also some of the finest poetry ever written in the English language.
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What is the Aeneid about?

The Aeneid is about the adventures of Aeneas after the Fall of Troy. He was forced to flee with his father and his son, but his wife was lost in the chaos. With them and other fugitives, he tried to fulfill his prophecy of becoming a great ruler in Italy, but Juno (the goddess) hated him just becaus (MORE)

How does Aeneid resemble Homeric epics?

Virgil's "Aeneid", written many years after the Homeric epics werecreated, resemble those epics in several ways. The presence of acentral hero who is to be admired (and emulated) by the reader is avery important resemblance. Another is the work's laying-out ofcultural values and morals, along with a (MORE)

How does Aeneid resemble the Homeric epics?

Written and widely admired in ancient times, the remarkableepic-poem of Virgil, 'The Aeneid,' resembles earlier Homeric epicsin a variety of ways. For one thing, it is centered on a singlehero who is both flawed and very nearly superhuman in manyrespects. For another thing, it tells an individual's (MORE)

Who is the author of the Aeneid?

The Roman poet Virgil wrote the Aeneid. Vergil (sometimes written as Virgil) is credited with writing the Aeneid in the first century BCE. He died while with Augustus in 19 BCE and, in his sickness, requested that the book be burned as he had not gone over some imperfections. Augustus disregarded th (MORE)

What is the theme of the Aeneid?

The theme of the Aeneid is told in the very first three stirring words of the Latin epic poem: Arma virumque cano , which means 'I sing of arms and of a man'. For Publius Vergilius Maro [October 15, 70 B.C.E. - September 21, 19 B.C.E.] chooses as his theme the destruction of an entire people's h (MORE)

How many books are in The Aeneid?

There are twelve books in the Aeneid. Books I-VI detail the voyage from Troy to Italy. They form a voyage-epic, like the Odyssey. Books VII-XII recount the war with the Italian indigenes before Lavinia can be founded. They form a war-epic, like the Iliad.

Why was the Aeneid written?

The Aeneid was written as an explanation as to how the people of the Roman Empire had come to settle in Italy. It tells the story of Aeneas, a Trojan who, according to legend, became the ancestor of the Romans. Virgil, the author of the epic poem, cleverly created family ties from Aeneas to Augustus (MORE)

What is Aeneid about?

The Aeneid details the voyage of Aeneas as he flees his home cityTroy after the Trojan war. Aeneas is travelling to Italy where heis destined to found Rome. The Aeneid tells of his trials whiletraveling.

Who wrote epic poems such as The Aeneid?

The Aeneid was written by Vergil, the Thebais by Statius, the Argonautica by Apollonius of Rhodes, and the Iliad and Odyssey by Homer. Poets wrote epic poems. They still do. Pablo Neruda's Canto General and John Heath Stubbs' Artorius are both examples of epic poems written within the last centu (MORE)

Why did virgil write The Aeneid?

We do not know precisely why Vergil wrote the Aeneid, but the poets of the early Augustan period had grown up in a period when Rome suffered extended civil wars punctuated by harsh military juntas. Vergil, Horace, Ovid and Propertius all at various times mention how tired they are of constant civi (MORE)

Ending of Aeneid?

last line translates as when unworthy life flees with a groan, under the shades.. describing Turnus' death. Aeneas kills Turnus after Turnus begs him to spare him, but Aeneas becomes outraged and inflamed by the furies after seeing Pallas' belt which Turnus had taken after killing him.

When did Virgil write The Aeneid?

Vergil left the Aeneid incomplete at his death in 19 BC. He seems to have been working on the poem for at least ten years. Vergil left instructions that the poem should be destroyed if he died before it was finished. Luckily his executors ignored this codicil.

Trojan hero of the aeneid?

The Aeneid tells the legendary story of Aeneas , a Trojan who traveled to Italy, where he became the ancestor of the Romans.

Who was the main character of The Aeneid?

The main character in the Aeneid is Aeneas. Aeneas' name seems to mean 'Man of Bronze' - the myth may be about the arrival of Bronze smelting technology in prehistoric Italy.

What was the poem aeneid about?

the Aeneid is a poem by Virgil, which is an invented follow up from the war between the Greeks and The Trojans. it is about a Man called Aeneas who has been chosen to found an new City. The god's use their powers to manipulate and control Aenus. The God Juno does everything in her power as protector (MORE)

What is Virgil and Aeneid?

Vergil (Publius Vergilius Maro) was a first-century BC poet who wrote the Aeneid : the Roman national epic poem.

When was the Aeneid written?

The Aeneid was written by Virgil sometime between 29 BCE and 19 BCE. It wasn't a new story as Aeneas was already a known character from the Illiad and disconnected tales. Virgil put them together into an epic tale.

In the Aeneid who is Anchises?

Father of Aeneas. He took him out of the burning city of Troy on his shoulders. This scene is often depicted as an example of respect for the elderly and love for one's parents.

In the Aeneid how is the death of Laocoon interpreted?

\nLaocoon begs the other Trojans to see the wooden horse as an enemy to the Trojans, asking them if wily Ulysses (Odysseus) would really just leave their shores without an attempt to sack the city. Sinon, a member of the Greeks recently captured in Trojan hands claims the horse is really a monument (MORE)

What extended simile is used in the Aeneid?

There are many extended similes in the Aeneid. An early one occurs near line 150 in Book I. Neptune arrives to calm the storm which Juno has raised with the help of Aeolus. Neptune is compared to an elder statesman who meets a crowd bent on riot and calms it by telling it a homilectic story. (The (MORE)

Why the Aeneid is among the great books?

The Aeneid was the Roman national epic, and one reason why the Aeneid is an important book in world history is simply because Roman civilization was one of the most important early civilisations (especially for Europe). Another reason for the Aeneid 's importance is that it is the first mod (MORE)

Language of Aeneid?

It was originally written by Vergil in Latin, but it has since been translated into many languages, including English.

How many pages are in the Aeneid?

The Aeneid is a poem. It has 12 books, with each book being around 800 lines long. How many pages that takes will depend on how many lines you have per page.

What is the moral lesson of the Aeneid by Vergil?

The great moral lesson of the Aeneid is probably that you must follow your destiny, not your dreams. In Carthage in Book III, Aeneas really wants to stay and settle down with Dido. But the gods remind him that his work is to establish the Roman race in Italy, so he leaves Dido and sets sail afres (MORE)

Is the Aeneid the Roman version of Homer?

The Aeneid is, and isn't, a Roman equivalent of Homer. Before the Aeneid the Roman national poem was probably Ennius' The Annals . Most of the Annals has not survived, but what we have of it makes it seem more like a Saga (a loosely structured poem glorifying warlike virtues) than a true e (MORE)

Who did Virgil write the Aeneid for?

It's not clear how the poem was started, or if Virgil was commissioned to do it originally, but Augustus read part of it and ordered Virgil to continue. As it was not finished at his death, Virgil wanted it destroyed, but Augustus overruled him and had it published. So you could loosely say that Vir (MORE)

Why did vergil write the Aeneid?

There are many reasons why the Aeneid was written. First off it was a commissioned work that Vergil didn't really want to write but was forced to, and it was incomplete at the time of Vergil's death. Possible other reasons why it was written are to validate the origins of Rome as mandated by Fate an (MORE)

Why does Dido commit suicide in the Aeneid?

Dido was abandoned by Aeneas, as Mercury told Aeneas that he musttravel to Italy and leave Dido, as Mercury reminds Aeneas that Didois not part of his fate. Dido proceeds to kill herself out ofsorrow by stabbing herself with an "ensis" (sword).

Why did Virgil write Aeneid?

Because it had never been written down. It was important for the Romans to document things and to them, the Aeneid was the story of their origins, and was considered historical.

How Does Deiphobus use fate in the Aeneid?

Deiphobus, horribly mutilated during the sack of Troy, appears toAeneas in the Underworld. He tells him the story of his death,which entails Helen's betrayal in signaling Menelaus to Deiphobus'sbedchamber. He was mutilated in the sack of Troy. While withAeneas, he begs the gods for revenge against t (MORE)

Who are the founders of Rome in Aeneid?

In the Aeneid, Vergil has the founders of Rome as the refugees from Troy. They are supposed to have been the conquerors of Latinum and founders of cities there, eventually Rome itself. However he foreshadows Romulus in the book where Aeneas is visiting his father in the underworld.

Who was Aeneid and why is he important to ancient Rome?

I don't mean to be picky, but you have your names confused.. The Aeneid was Rome's epic poem, detailing the struggles of their national hero to eventually establish the city of Rome. The hero's name was Aeneas. So the "he" is Aeneas. The poem is the Aeneid.

Is the Aeneid written in rhyme?

No. However, it was written in meter. It was written in dactylic hexameter, which means that there are six 'feet' in a line, and always ends in a dactyl and a spondee. If you had no clue what that last sentence meant, then look up "dactylic hexameter".

What is English translation for the opening lines of Virgil's Aeneid?

Here are lines 1-33 of the translation I did for my AP Latin class at the beginning of last summer. It's pretty awkward at the beginning, but it gets smoother. Of men and weapons, I sing, who came first from the mouth of Troy to the shores of Italy and Lavinia, made fugitive by fate, much thr (MORE)

Who saved the Aeneid from destruction?

It was Augustus himself who saved the Aeneid from destruction. Virgil had wanted it destroyed because he thought it was inferior. Augustus read it and saw its value.

Why did Virgil want to burn the Aeneid?

Virgil was incredibly committed to the Aeneid; however, he had not quite finished the whole thing by the time he was on his deathbed. There were still some lines where the scansion/meter wasn't right, for example. Thus, he decided, as he lay dying, that he would rather it be burned than left unfinis (MORE)

Who Aeneid Mother?

The Aeneid is a book but who it is about is Aeneas and his mother was reported to be the Goddess Aphrodite

Where was the Aeneid wrriten?

The Aeneid was written by Virgil sometime between 29 B.C. and 19 B.C. He wrote the book in Rome and died before he finished writing it.

How much fatalism appears in the Aeneid?

Queen Dido is ill fated to commit suicide by putting herself to fire. Aeneas is ill fated to show indifference to her passionate love. War frenzy drove Aeneas mad enough to reject love appeals of Dido which he later repented. So human beings are shown to be victims of fatalism. In spite of their str (MORE)

Who wrote the great book 'Aeneid'?

The great book "Aeneid" was written by Virgil. It tells the story of Aeneas; Aeneas was a Trojan who went to Italy and later became the ancestor of the Romans.

Who wrote the Latin poem The Aeneid?

The one who wrote the Latin poem called "The Aenid" was Virgil an old author and songwriter from ancient Rome , this was the biggest work for him in great scollars opinion.