What is the best way to prep a screen grab for high quality printing?

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What is better Adobe printing High-Quality Print or Press Quality?

Kenneth Benson - 10:14am Dec 18, 08 PST (#2 of 3) "High Quality" is lower quality than Press Quality. If you want the absolute highest quality PDF, start with Press Quality

What is the best Inkjet printer for printing High quality photos?

any modern printer will do but the highest quality photos are done in printers made specially for this task. It will be under several brand names and it is up to you to pick t

What are the best high quality earphones?

Probably the beats earphones such as the tour ones or you might wanna check out some of the Bose earphones too. They are good and all but, those could be quite pricy. I would

What is the best way to grab you gerbil?

The best way to grab your gerbil is around its neck. Use your thumb and index finger to gently grab it around the neck. This way, the gerbil is much more calm and is less like

How do you print on garments with high quality?

In fact i also have the same factory in Canada, some months ago, from the introduction of my friend, i bought on machine can print on the shirt directly, the price is so reaso

What is the best high-quality camera?

Cameras made by the German company Hasselblad are generally said to be the best. if price is anything to go on. they usually cost over $10,000, and that's just the body with n
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Which deskjet printers have the best print quality?

HP deskjet printers have the best quality. The images come out in clearly defined color and the printers are of the best quality, rarely breaking. Buying from HP is also more
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Best way to download a large amount of high quality music?

And i dont mean using limewire or pirating (song quality is never guaranteed and the timing of the start/end of songs are always different). I've been suggested to purchase N
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What is the best way to prep for the Kaplan Test?

"That is an excellent question! The best way to prep for a Kaplan test, in my opinion, is to purchase a prep book for the test you plan to take. These can be found at most lar
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Where can someone get a high quality cow print?

There are many places available were one can get a high quality cow print including but not limited to Amazon, Kelly's closet, Cattle prints, eBay and many other online retail