What is the birth name of Josie Bissett?

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Josie Bissett's birth name is Jolynn Christine Heutmaker.
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Where is Josie Allen of the Tonettes?

Answer Josie Allen died in May or June of 1969 (I have no information of how she died) but the other two members of the Tonettes are aliveand one of them has an on-line interview posted on the website Colorradio The two remaining Tonettes can be heard, in the interview with DJ Brian Lee, at his Col (MORE)

What rhymes with Josie?

Josie rhymes with: Josie is hott she is a babe so is mt coziosco ahahaha everyone loves mt Everest and mt coziosco but anyway Josie is soo cool its not funny

What does the name Josie mean?

Josie is the shortened form of Josephine. Josephine means "God willadd" or "God will increase". Josephine is the English form of theFrench Joséphine, a feminine form of Joseph, which is derived fromthe Hebrew Yōsēf.

Does Josie Maran have an email address?

yes she has but her email is unkown to most people. BUT if you want to chat with her she is on facebook. if you have an account go to that site: http://www.facebook.com/johannaselhorstmaran

Where does the name Josie come from?

Josie is the shortened form of Josephine. Josephine is the Englishform of the French Joséphine, a feminine form of Joseph, which isderived from the Hebrew Yōsēf (God will add, God will increase).

Is Josie a good name for a baby?

In my own opinion, yes it is I like it. But, it matters what you think. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thats my Name you know And I like it!!!!

What does the name Josie Rebecca mean?

The name Josie Rebecca is a unique name. The meaning of Josie is that God multiplies or means God will add more and more in your life. The name Rebecca means alot of things so Ill Just list them. First, beauty is bestowed upon her, she is favored by the lord, to mend, to bind, to tie, a snare, prett (MORE)

How is josie dugger?

Baby Josie is great!! She weighs over 11 pounds now. She was just on the Today Show just a couple of days ago and she looks like a normal baby! She doesn't have to use the oxygen tank anymore but they do put it on at night. [ i guess just because they don't want her heart rate or oxygen level to dro (MORE)

How much did baby josie weigh?

Little Josie weigh only 1 pound 6 ounces at birth, as of early February 2010, she has gained a pound and weighs 2 pounds 6 ounces.

Did Josie Brooklyn Duggar die?

No, she's almost a year old and is not dead. She is doing great. Tune in to watch the Duggers on Tuesday nights on TLC.

What is the lyrics to josie jump?

the lyrics are Josey jump is my name jumping and sport are my game I'm always feeling rhythm it jingles through my toes it tingles through my body come non and have a go everybody now jump up a little higher, (wave your hands) jump up a little higher, (score a goal) I'm always feeling rhythm it jin (MORE)

Is josie dugger surviving?

yes the duggers are very religious and if we all pray to the lord and ask him to help little Josie !we can all help.

Is Josie Duggar out of the hospital yet?

As of June 4th, 2010, Josie Duggar IS home from the Hospital! Dr. Arrington and the staff at ACH determined that the digestive problems were related to lactose intolerance! For now, the Duggars will stay put in Little Rock.

How is baby josie?

The Duggars #19 is doing better, and was released from the hospital in early June 2010.

Can you get a birth certificate even if you do not have your birth name?

No. You should have a birth name registered when you are born with which you would be provided with a birth certificate. You could also do late registrations. You have to contact the Vital Statistics Office of your state which can help you out. Link provided has procedures and contact numbers which (MORE)

Does josie loren have any children?

As far as I know she doesn't even have a boyfriend. She is 25. So no, she doesn't have any children. Although, Chelsea Hobbs (Emily Kmetko) does. Have 2 children. Daughter Wylie(6) and a few month old son. His name hasn't been announced. I think that Chelsea Hobbs is the only gymnast on Make it or B (MORE)

What is the spanish way of saying josie?

Josie is a name. It is improper to translate a name unless the person by that name uses a translated name. Keeping that in mind, Josie is sometimes a shortened version of the name Josephine. In Spanish Josephine is Josefina. (ho-seh-FEE-nah)

What is up with john James and josie?

Well even though some people don't believe it I think they both love each other a lot. They both say it and now they've been separated they believe it even more and want to be together I think John James stands back a little cause he doesn't want to be shown up if Josie is playing a game and wil dum (MORE)

Did josie win big brother?

yes josie did win big brother 2010 followed by Dave who came 2nd marrio who came 3rd JJ who is Aston merrygolds brother from JLS came 4th and 5th was Andrew on the Friday before that corrin, Steve,sam pepper and john James got voted out and the pthers before that josie who won will now go back into (MORE)

Who is Josie Harris?

She's the ex-girlfriend of the Floyd Mayweather. She was beaten and tortured by the coward boxer and threatened to death that's why now the boxer was convicted and staying his ass inside the cell for 90 days.

What did josie duggar weigh when she was born?

Josie Brooklyn Duggar born December 10, 2009 weighed one pound six ounces at birth. Josie was born at 25 weeks. As off her first birthday Josie weighs sixteen pounds and is starting to roll and say dada.

What is Josie and the Pussycats about?

It is a cartoon series, based on a comic book series, about a music band that tours the world and becomes involved in comedic adventures. The music band is all female - Joselyn aka Josie, a redhead and lead guitarist; Valerie, the group's leader and tamborine player; Melody, a stereotypical blonde w (MORE)

What is on Josie Duggar's cheeks?

Josie is often shown with tape loops on her cheeks. The loops are there to hold her oxygen tubes in place easily; I'm not sure if she is on the oxygen much now, so I don't think they'll be there much longer.

What happened to josie duggar in 2011?

In 2011, while Jim Bob and Michelle were away in El Salvador with Gil and Kelly Bates, Josie developed a cold. It quickly became something more serious, to the point where Josie was not reacting correctly and her high fever was causing her to seize. Jana, who was her caregiver at the time, and Jill (MORE)

How did baby josie duggar die?

Josie duggar didnt die! She turned 2 yrs. Old the 10th of december 2011. She is very much alive and growing beautifully.

What does Josie Wormald mean?

The name Josie can mean ÒGod will addÓ. The surname Wormald doesnÕt have an apparent definition. There are profiles for a Josie Wormald on the UKÕs version of Linkedin.

When did Josie Maran start modeling?

If one saw a beautiful photo of Josie Maran, they may wonder how long she has been modeling. In fact Josie Maran started modeling when she was just 17 years old.

What movie and television projects has Tim Bissett been in?

Tim Bissett has: Played Agent Cook in "The X Files" in 1993. Played Medical Assistant in "The X Files" in 1993. Played Jewelery Salesman in "The Christmas List" in 1997. Played Clerk in "Night Man" in 1997. Played Bert J. Franken in "First Wave" in 1998. Played Westerly in "Seven Days" in 1998. Play (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Josie Bissett been in?

Josie Bissett has: Played herself in "Entertainment Tonight" in 1981. Played Cara in "Valerie" in 1986. Played Becky in "Quantum Leap" in 1989. Played Daniela Foster in "Paura nel buio" in 1989. Played Crista Benson in "Doogie Howser, M.D." in 1989. Played Lily in "Book of Love" in 1990. Played Jess (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Kim Bissett been in?

Kim Bissett has: Played Luna in "The Roomies" in 2010. Played Business Woman in "Forty Weight" in 2011. Played Featured in "T Is for Trichomoniasis" in 2011. Played Cafe Patron in "Forty Weight" in 2011. Played Church Member in "C.O.G." in 2013. Played Matsuki in "Biocode" in 2014. Played Paint Part (MORE)

What has the author Edith Josie written?

Edith Josie has written: 'Old crow news: The best of Edith Josie, 1963; a collection of Edith Josie's columns from The Whitehorse Star, Yukon territory, Canada' 'Old Crow news'

What has the author Don Bissett written?

Don Bissett has written: 'Resource harvests, hunter-trappers in the Mackenzie Valley' -- subject(s): Economic aspects of Hunting, Economic aspects of Trapping, Hunting, Statistics, Trapping

What has the author J Bissett written?

J. Bissett has written: 'History of the Board of Management of the Manchester & District Armaments Output Committee, 1915-1919' -- subject(s): Manchester and District Armaments Output Committee

What has the author Josie Barnard written?

Josie Barnard has written: 'Virago woman's travel guide to New York' -- subject(s): Guidebooks, Travel, Women 'Poker Face' 'The Virago woman's travel guide to London' -- subject(s): Guidebooks, Travel, Women

What has the author Josy Cassagnaud written?

Josy Cassagnaud has written: 'Le banga de Mayotte comme rite de passage' 'Jeux et enjeux de langues pour les jeunes de Mayotte' -- subject(s): Languages, Sociolinguistics, Social life and customs 'Mayotte' -- subject(s): Languages, History