What is the capital city of the country of Syria?

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In Syria
The capital city of Syria is Damascus. It is called Dimashq (دمشق ) in Arabic.
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What are the capital cities from the EU countries?

London, Paris, Luxembourg City, Madrid, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm, Rome, Vienna, Ljubljana, Athens, Bucharest, Budapest, Sofia, Valletta, Nicorsa, Warsaw, Riga, Villinus, Tallin, Bratislava, Prague, Dublin

What is the capital city of Syria?

The capital of Syria is Damascus. Damascus is the capital and largestcity of Syria, a country in western Asia bordering theMediterranean Sea.

Which countries have 2 capital cities?

The following countries have two or more capital cities: (For more info, go to the Related link) Benin Bolivia Cote d'Ivoire Israel Malaysia Myanmar (Burma) Netherlands Nigeria South Africa Sri Lanka Swaziland Tanzania

What are the capital cities of the Mediterranean countries?

The capitals of the Mediterranean countries are listed here:Algeria - Algiers; Cyprus - Nicosia; Egypt - Cairo; Gaza Strip -Gaza City; Gibraltar - Gibraltar; Greece - Athens; Israel -Jerusalem; Italy - Rome; Lebanon - Beirut; Libya - Tripoli; Malta -Valletta; Morocco - Rabat; Spain - Madrid; Syria - (MORE)

Of what country is Suriname the capital city?

Suriname isn't the capital city of any country. Instead, it's its own country, as the Republic of Suriname. It's located in northern South America. Its capital city is Paramaribo.

Dubai is capital city of which country?

Dubai is the largest city of the United Arab Emirates, but it is not the capital city. The capital of the UAE is Abu Dhabi, which is the second largest city in the UAE. Dubai is one Emirate of Seven Emirates in the United Arab of Emirates (UAE). The Seven Emirates are: 1 - Abu Dhabi 2 - Dub (MORE)

Rabat is the capital city of which country?

Rabat (Arabic الرباط , transliterated ar-Rabāṭ or ar-Ribāṭ , literally "Fortified Place"), is the capital and third largest city of the Kingdom of Morocco with a population of approximately 650,000 (2010). It is also the capital of the Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zae (MORE)

What are the capital cities of the countries of Europe?

Iceland - Reykjavik Ireland - Dublin United Kingdom - London Portugal - Lisbon Spain - Madrid Andorra - Andorra la Vella Monaco - Monaco Malta - Valetta Vatican City - Vatican City San Marino - San Marino Italy - Rome France - Paris Austria - Vienna Liechtenstein - Vaduz Switzerland - Berne Luxemb (MORE)

Alexandria is the capital city of what country?

Alexandria is located in the northern tip of Egypt. There was a great library there too and when people came into the city, they had to bring a scroll for the library. Cleopatra the 7th studied in the Great Library, and Hypatia did too!

The capital city of Syria?

Damascus is the capital city of Syria and has been continually settled since the second millennium BC, although evidence exists that the area was first settled eleven thousand(11 000) years ago.

Countries and their capital cities?

You will find a list of countries and their capital cities in the link below. You can arrange the list in alphabetical order of the countries' names or capital cities' names.

Capital cities of the countries?

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What country has the capital city of Laos?

Laos is not a capital city. Laos is a country. The capital of Laosis Vientiane. Until 1991, the city of Lagos was the capital ofNigeria in Africa. The capital of Nigeria is now Abuja.

What capital cities are named after their countries?

They are the following: Andorra la Vella, Andorra Djibouti, Djibouti Guatemala City, Guatemala ( La Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción ) Kuwait City, Kuwait Luxembourg. Luxembourg Mexico City, Mexico Monaco, Monaco Panama City, Panama San Marino, San Marino Sao Tome, Sao Tome and (MORE)

What country is Mbabane the capital city of?

It is the capital and second largest city in Swaziland. Mbabane is the capital. Manzini is the largest. Mbabane is about 3600 ft above sea level = nice and cooler in summer.

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Which city is considered the capital city of country?

The main thing that makes a city the capital city of a country isthat the government has its base there. The representatives of thepeople or whoever is running the country work there. Other elementsof government are based there, like headquarters of departments orgovernment organisations. A lot of o (MORE)

Capital cities of the countries in europe?

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What is the capital city of the country island?

Bridgetown is the capital andlargest city of Barbados, an island country in the Caribbean.Palikir is the capital of the Federated States of Micronesia, anisland nation in the western Pacific Ocean. Yaren is the capital ofNauru, an island country in the central Pacific Ocean. Ngerulmud isthe capital (MORE)