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What is the cause of upper right side pain?

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What would cause upper back pain right side along with lower back pain and left leg pain?

It's not spinal stenosis - stenosis does not cause that type of pain, though it can lead to other problems that can cause it. In addition to stenosis, disk problems for over 2

What causes stomach and right side pain?

The most common are irritable bowel syndrome, appendicitis, and kidney stones (believe me!!)

Can shoulder neck pain cause right sided numbness?

Yes, particularly in older people. A pinched nerve in the spine at the neck can cause both neck pain and numbness of the areas served by this branch of the spine. Google cer

What causes pain in right hand side of pelvis?

  answer   It could be a few different things. Some women have sharp pains when they ovulate which you might feel on every other side of your abdoman every other month

What causes sharp pain on the right side of abdomen?

  If you have a pain in your abdomen, you should probably go see a docteor, as you may have a ruptured appendix.   The appendix has no known use, so if you're told you

What causes pain in right side after having baby?

If the women had a C Section it could be an air bubble trapped in a blood vessel or a clot. If it was a normal delivery she could be suffering from appendicitis, kidney troubl

What could cause chest pain on the right side of the body?

Some of the causes of right side chest pain can be....   1. your chest muscles   2. inflamation   3. chest wall issues   4. more serious liver problems   5. als

Pain and spasms in upper right side of abdomen?

  Some of the causes of pain and spasms in upper right side of abdomin:   1- inflamation of the gall bladder   2- gall stone-biliary colic-   3- liver diseases eg
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Dull pain from front to back on right hand side of upper chest?

It could be from a variety of causes.    It could be from the muscles of the chest or a problem with the neck or shoulder.    It could be a problem with the lung
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Why cant you lie on your right side because of pain in upper arm?

Possibly you have a strained tendon or ligament, but it is also possible that the weight of your body is too much for your shoulder muscles to easily bear. If you do not have
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What may cause upper right arm pain?

Hi there I suggest going to the doctors to get it checked out because their could be multiple things wrong. you could of pulled a muscle or bruised it. If the pain doesn't go