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In Naruto
Overal that depents on how long you shop around for the item you're looking for. Also where you live and the supply and demand for the item. Value and prices on anything and everything are always changing. One factor would included if you're shopping for a new or used item. You have to check different sources and compare their prices. Also don't forget to include things like sales tax or shipping and handling. I suggest ebay.com That's usualy where I find my best deals on animes!
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Will Sasuke from the Naruto series die?

i think sasuke wont die because it wouldn't make sense and as we all know naruto is the only one who by right should kill sasuke. my point is that why didnt sasuke take his brother's eyes. this was done so that in the end he would be be blinded by the sharingan (like itachi said that the sharingan would soon give the user total blindness) thus making him even weaker than sakura. _____________________________________________________________________ (TO THE PERSON ABOVE... MAYBE THEY CAN WRITE THAT SAKURA FINDS A CURE [since she becomes a great healer] SOMEWAY OF MAKING THE USE OF THE SHARINGAN NOT HARMFUL TO SASUKE'S EYES) I have a few ideas of how the series will end (I'm positive it will end w/ one of these...) 1) Sasuke goes to Konoha to destroy the Leaf Village. Naruto and Sasuke fight, Sasuke tells Naruto that he always thought of Naruto as a brother etc. and dies in Naruto's arms. 2) Naruto is able to make Sasuke see sense and they fight Madara together in the war against good and evil and defeat him. Team 7 is reunited! The series continues on with them hunting down Akatsuki and so on... Later on Naruto becomes Hokage. Tsunade is still alive and well so it would be dumb if Naruto just became Hokage out of the blue. And finally Naruto becomes the strongest and most powerful Hokage known! :) 3) Naruto is able to make Sasuke see sense and they fight Madara, BUT Sasuke is fatally wounded and Naruto kills Madara and holds Sasuke in his arms as he dies, telling Naruto his goodbyes and that he is sorry etc. 4) Naruto is able to make Sasuke see sense and they fight Madara in the battle between good and evil, BUT Sasuke is fatally wounded and Naruto kills Madara and holds Sasuke in his arms as he nears death. Sakura comes into the picture, seeing how Sasuke is wounded and heals him. Sasuke is still not that well and is kept in the Konoha hospital. The Hokages in the other villages argue over the fact that Sasuke is still alive and should be killed. Naruto sticks up for him, gives a inspirational speech (Gara is inspired) and everyone sees reason or if they still threaten to kill him Naruto tells them if they fight Sasuke he will fight with him and Gara backs Naruto up (they back off and see that N is right or that N, S & G r 2 much 4 them) Team Seven is back! The group in Konoha is happy! Tsunade is back as Hokage. Team Katkashi go on missions etc. Sasuke and Naruto train with one another. Team K hunts down Akatsuki etc. And Naruto eventually becomes Hokage! :D and maybe Sasuke will lead a new type of ANBU thing to protect the Leaf Village b/c he finally understands that his brother chose his path and that the Leaf Village was his home and that he will protect it the right way (not like Itachi did.) *I want Naruto to prove to everyone that he can save Sasuke! It's the ideal ending the series should have! There might be more ways, but I can't think of any others... (I hope Kishimoto will go with #4...I will be heartbroken if Sasuke dies. Sasuke and Naruto are the main characters, the series will suck without Sasuke. So they shouldn't kill him and hopefully a spark will fly with Sasuke and Sakura. ;)) -Eileen

What is the meaning of Konohamaru in the Naruto series?

Answer the meaning of konohamaru in the naruto story is probably this: he is like a reincarnation or twin of naruto. when konohamaru grows up, he'll restart naruto's entire adventures but only different and this shows since he is the third hokage's son. this will redirect your question though: DOES NARUTO HAVE A SON!?!? the answer about does have some right in it but im not sure what he/she meant but does naruto have a son.... anyways. naruto's (spoiler) the 4th hokages son and konohamaru is the 3rds GRANDSON not son. and they are alike in many ways. they do have some of the same missions but the only difference is he doesnt have a person like sasuke in his group.. and he doesnt have a 9tailedfox inside of him. but this still does not answer your question because why would they need ANOTHER naruto? so im still not sure..

How long is the Naruto series?

A: . Naruto is currently split into 2 parts of the same series. The first is 244 completed chapters. The second series Naruto Shippuden is currently at 451 complete chapters.... but no end in sight for the manga series.

Who is Kabuto on the manga series Naruto?

Answer . Kabuto is Orocumarus servant but after Sauske seals orocumaruinside himself Kabuto desides to take of where orocumaru left ofand now he is even more dangerous than orochumaru because inepisode 323 he renimated Madara and made him even stronger than heever was, so in other words he was a servant who later became a bigvillan

Who is Shion in the Naruto series?

Shion Shion is not actually from the Naruto series,she's from "Naruto Shippuden:The Movie. She's a princess who Naruto has to guard,she is able to predict things,and she predicts Demons are coming to get her,not much is known about Shion right now,but until the Naruto Shippuden Movie comes out,this is all I know. She's Naruto's escort who's being chased by Demons who were revived by someone. Although,Shion is not from the show,all I've heard is she's from the Naruto Shippuden Movie Wikipedia. Shion is an ally of Naruto,rumors say she has eyes like the Hyuugas,and she has purpilish white hair. Shion later becomes pregnant or is show to be pregnant after the Pein saga ends. Rumors circulating this could be when Naruto becomes Hokage, no one reallys know anything else rather then this happening or where Naruto will head after Pein. Shion Shion is not actually from the Naruto series,she's from "Naruto Shippuden:The Movie. She's a princess who Naruto has to guard,she is able to predict things,and she predicts Demons are coming to get her,not much is known about Shion right now,but until the Naruto Shippuden Movie comes out,this is all I know. She's Naruto's escort who's being chased by Demons who were revived by someone. Although,Shion is not from the show,all I've heard is she's from the Naruto Shippuden Movie Wikipedia. Shion is an ally of Naruto,rumors say she has eyes like the Hyuugas,and she has purpilish white hair. Shion Age: Currently unknown Appearence: Naruto Movie 4 Shion is a female in the fourth movie of Naruto. Naruto and the others are assigned to guard her for she can predict the future, including Naruto's death. Her behavior is also unknown to me. Shion has purplish, white hair and has eyes that look like the Hyuuga's.. Shion isn't a princess. She's a preistess. She has the power to seal spirits. Her mother died when she sealed a demon born form human dark thoughts. She also has the power to predict the future and change it in anyway you wants. She even avoided death by substituting herself with another person. Shion likes naruto. Shion actually asked naruto to help her produce a heir. Naruto not knowing what it meant agreed. Lee, Sakura, and Kikashi were really suprised. Poor naruto. And Shion does not get pregnant after the Pein arch. Shion: Shion is a priestess from the Demon country who is the only one that can seal Mouryo, now a soul who took over Yomi's body until he could get to his, which was sealed away to a different place so that anyone that tried to revive him wouldn't be able to do it easily. Shion is somewhat of a brat because of her childhood; because she could always see the deaths of people that were near her, children and even adults backed away when she approached because they feared they would appear in one of her visions. She saw Naruto's death, being pierced in the chest by this gigantic multi-headed monster. Obviously he changed his so-called fate, and changed Shion's personality like he always does with all that he meets. Shion has purple eyes that I wouldn't describe much as the Hyuuga's because you can see that light reflects in them instead of appearing dull, and her hair is blond, not purple or white. She hasn't been seen in the series, either, only in the fourth Naruto movie, also known as the Naruto: Shippuden movie. Unless she appears in the series or manga, she and Naruto will not get together, even though she asked him to impregnate her and he agreed, not knowing what she meant, however. Shion is probably in the age range of 16 to 18. . Shion didn't subsitute herself her bodyguard, tadaho, purposely subsituted himself to save her because of a debt his family has for her mother

Who is Sakon in the manga series Naruto?

Answer . Sakon is one of Orochimaru's servants that bring Sasuke to Orochimaru. He is a man that has another person in him, who's name is Ukon, and is often showed with a head growing out of the back of his neck. In demon form, both heads are shown right next to each other. Ukon has the ability to bring any part of his body out of any part of Sakon's body, but is usually sleeping. He wakes up to help Sakon in battle.

Who is Tayuya in the manga series Naruto?

Tayuya . Country: Sound. Age: 14. Height: 148.2 cm. Weight: 38.2 kg. Birthday: February 15. Bloodtype: A. Appearance: Vo. 13, Chap. 115, Page 174. Tayuya is one of Orochimaru's loyal servants,Along with: Jiroubo,Sakon & Ukon,Kimimaro,And Kidomaru.She is foulmouthed which is why she is berated by Jiroubo,And ill-tempered but powerful.Her main and only weapon is her demonic flute,With it she can summon three powerful demons [Ogres] (Also known as Doki)And control them to fight for her.Tayuya is very intelligent and can think of excellent strategies and battle tactics.Later,She is killed by Temari.. Her jutsus include:. Demon Flute: Illusionary Warriors Manipulating Melody. Demonic Flute. Demonic Flute: Dream Sound Chain. Four Seals of the Dark Mist. Unnamed Cursed Seal. Summoning Technique (Doki)

When will the Naruto series end?

Hopefully, Never. To improve the previous answer, Misashi Kishimoto has not yet set a date for the Naruto series finale, but with all that's going on in the series I think it will be a few years until the series will stop.

What is the last episode or Naruto series?

\n. \ni think its 222 and then shippuuden starts ........not sure:(\n. \ni just got confirmation that its 220

How strong is Sasuke from the Naruto series?

ANSWER: It depends on your definition of 'strong.' He is talented, yes, and very powerful, but by Naruto's definition, (although he never believed it,) Sasuke is WEAK. True strength comes from your ability to use your power to protect the people you care about, so that when they are in danger you will always be strong enough. If you meant powerful, then yes. end answer. He is talented but strong has so many meanings acording to the 3rd data book his ninjutsu is 10/10 his taijutsu is 7/10 his genjutsu is 8/10 his intelligence is 7/10 his strength is 7/10 his speed is 9/10 his stamina is 7/10 his hand seals are 8/10 which gives him a total of 63/80

Why is kisame from the Naruto series blue?

Because Kisame is supposed to look like a Shark since he came from the Village Hidden in the Mist in the Water Country and sharks live in Water and Sharks are blue. not 100% correct my firend he most peopel form that village do not look like hsarks i think it is a part of his jutsu like kakuzus swing hands and zetsu's plat traps on his neck OR he is a shark or demon but no one really knows the right reason why well kisame's name,in japanese, does translate to 'shark'

How will the Naruto series end?

There is a good chance Naruto will become Hokage, for it has been one of Naruto's main focuses throught the manga. Sasuke may die, or come back to Konoha. but no-one knows, i think the manga is far from being almost finished. \n

Who is the coolest ninja in the Naruto series?

I think is Gaara, Sasuke and........What am I talking about??? They both are the coolest! They have their own jutsus which is why they are cool in a different way! Anko Mitarashi and Sasuke Uchiha!!!!!!!^_^ SHIKAMARU is the coolest ninja ...........and he has his clans jutsus like hsadow posation. also almost every nija is sort of cool like kiba, choji, and naruto but shikamaru can kicked there buts like in the episode in the 3 exam when they said that he is the strong and made him a chuni so AWSOME shino hands down

Is the Naruto series over?

No, it is not. It's still going on, it probably won't end until the manga finishes.

Will there be another naruto series?

Japan will always premiere first with any addition to new Naruto series and it usually will reach American audiences wihin 2 years or so depending on how company rights are reserved. This topic is for the Anime series. The Manga series are far easier to retain publishing rights, compared with visual anime work in projects.

Naruto abridged series?

The Naruto Abridged series is a comical parody of the original Naruto Series. The makers used either themselves or voice actors along with scenes from the series. Much like you would do if you wanted to dub an anime from Japanese to English

Where do the Naruto movies come in at in the series?

they come in between some of the major events where nothing really happens. like 2nd movie was sometime after the chunin exams and the 1st one is sometime after zabuza or w.e they come in between some of the major events where nothing really happens. like 2nd movie was sometime after the chunin exams and the 1st one is sometime after zabuza or w.e

What is the series after Naruto Shippuden called?

There will be a canon series for Naruto Shippuden. Too many wereconvinced that there wasn't going to be another series, but itdoesn't have a known name yet, according to the source. All we knowis that Naruto Shippuden will be like Dragonball Z and go canon.(there will not be a manga to support Naruto. It will be an animeonly series. So basically, there is no known name for this seriesyet, we will have to keep waiting. Akkipuden is just a rumor.

How does the Naruto series end?

No one knows, because it hasn't ended yet! But it might end with sasuke dying or coming back to konoha, or Naruto becoming Hokage, or some other big event that will change the leaf village for the better or worse.. \n

Will there be a third series of naruto?

i don't think so. Technically, there really isn't a third series. If you read the manga, you'll notice that the shippuden series doesn't even exist. It's just to clarify that the characters are a bit older on the show.

What is the cheapest thing in the whole wide world?

Advice, I am given it all day long by my wife, kids, boss and colleagues and I never have to pay a penny!

Is Naruto Shippuden the last Naruto series?

I don't know if it is the last ( :( i hope not ) ... but yes it definitely is the next xxx shenez Taylor

How many villages are there in Naruto series?

The Five Great Shinobi Countries . Lower Shinobi Countries . Water Country - Mizu no Kuni ~ Hidden Mist Village - (Kirigakure no sato) ~ Mizukage (Water Shadow) . Rain Country - Ame no Kuni ~ Hidden Rain Village - (Amegakure no sato) . Lightning Country - Kaminari no Kuni ~ Hidden Cloud Village - (Kumogakure no sato) ~ Raikage (Lightning Shadow) . Waterfall Country - Taki no Kuni 1 ~ Hidden Waterfall Village - (Takigakure no Sato) ~ Shibuki . Earth Country - Tsuchi no Kuni ~ Hidden Rock Village - (Iwagakure no sato) ~ Tsuchikage (Earth Shadow) . Grass Country - Kusa no Kuni ~ Hidden Grass Village - (Kusagakure No Sato) . Fire Country - Hi no Kuni ~ Hidden Leaf Village - (Konohagakure no sato) ~ Hokage (Fire Shadow) . Rice Field Country - Ta no Kuni 2 ~ Hidden Sound Village - (Otogakure No Sato) ~ Orochimaru . Wind Country - Kaze no Kuni ~ Hidden Sand Village - (Sunagakure no sato) ~ Kazekage (Wind Shadow) . ? Country - ? no Kuni 3 ~ Hidden Hot Springs Village - (Yugakure no sato) . Snow Country - Yuki no Kuni 4* ~ Daimyou Kazahana . Bear Country - Kuma no Kuni 5* ~ Hidden Star Village - (Hoshigakure no sato) ~ "Hoshikage" (Star Shadow) . Sky Country - Sora no Kuni 6* ~ Shinnou . Whirlpool Country - Uzu no Kuni 7 ~ Hidden Whirling Tides Village - (Uzushiogakure no sato) . Other Countries . Other Potential Shinobi Villages . Wave Country - Nami no Kuni ~ Unstated, possible Daimyou . Hidden Haze (Moyagakure) 8* ~ Aniki . Tea Country - Cha no Kuni 9* ~ Daimyou . Mountain Country - Yama no Kuni 10* ~ Heat Haze Village - (Kagerou no sato) ~ Unknown . River Country - Kawa no Kuni ~ Unstated, possible Daimyou . Takumi no Sato 11* ~ Hidden Craftsman . Marsh Country - Numa no Kuni 12* ~ Daimyou Chichiyasu . Hidden ? 13 . Stone Country - Ishi no Kuni 14* ~ Daimyou . Hidden ? 15 . Bird Country - Tori no Kuni 16* ~ Daimyou Toki . Valley Country - Tani no Kuni 17* ~ Hidden Valley Village - (Tanigakure no sato) ~ Unknown . Sea Country - Umi no Kuni 18* ~ Unknown, possible Daimyou . Fang Country - Kiba no Kuni 19* ~ Daimyou . Claw Country - Tsume no Kuni 19* ~ Daimyou . Moon Country - Tsuki no Kuni 20* ~ Unknown, possible Daimyou . Vegetable Country - Na no Kuni 21* ~ Unknown, possible Daimyou . Noodles Country - Udon no Kuni 22* ~ Unknown, possible Daimyou . Honey Country - Mitsu no Kuni 23* ~ Unknown, possible Daimyou . Neck Country - Shu no Kuni 23* ~ Unknown . Red Bean Jam Country - An no Kuni 23* ~ Unknown, possible Daimyou . Swamp Country - Sawa no Kuni 24* ~ Unknown, possible Daimyou . Forest Country - Mori no Kuni 25* ~ Daimyou . Demon Country - Oni no Kuni 26* ~ Unknown, possible Daimyou . Wood Country - Hayashi no Kuni 27 ~ Unknown, possible Daimyou . Iron Country - Tetsu no Kuni 27 ~ Mifune . Provide Feedback on this map and read an FAQ on it in our forum. . - Anime movie or filler-only countries. 1 - Hidden Waterfall is lead by Shibuki per OAV #2. It is unknown if Kishimoto has something else in mind for the leader of this village. 2 - Anime episode 137 reveals Hidden Sound is located in this country. 3 - The name of Akatsuki member Hidan's Hidden Village was revealed in Databook 3. 4 - Appears in Naruto Movie One. The ninja from this country were primarily hired mercenaries. The leadership of this village and its future change by the end of movie one. Its location is unknown. 5 - The Bear Country and its Hidden Star Village debuted in anime filler episode 178. The "Hoshikage" is not officially recognized by that title in the other shinobi nations. 6 - The Sky Country debuted in Movie Five. 7 - The Whirlpool Country debuted in the manga. It has shinobi but no named shinobi village. 8 - Take this village with a grain of salt, it appears to be composed of three goof-balls focused on hooking up with women. These "ninja" appeared in anime filler episode 101. 9 - Appears in filler arc starting in anime episode 102. 10 - The Mountain Country and its former Heat Haze Village debuted in anime filler episode 200. 11 - Takumi Village's Craftsman ninja debuted in anime filler episode 216. 12 - Anko protected this country's Daimyou per episode 152. 13 - Appears briefly on headband in manga chapter 43. Note this is contradicted by Kabuto's card identifying the countries participating in the exam. It does point to Kishimoto's desire to create such a country though. Until a more concrete reference is made, consider it apocryphal. 14 - The confusingly named Stone Country debuted in anime filler episode 159. 15 - Appears on the headbands of two ninja in manga chapter 106. Nothing is known about this village. Until a more concrete reference is made, consider it apocryphal. 16 - The Bird Country debuted in anime filler episode 162. 17 - The Valley Country debuted in anime filler episode 193. A shinobi village matching the country name debuted in filler episode 200. 18 - The Sea Country debuted in anime filler episode 169. 19 - The Fang and Claw Countries debuted in anime filler episode 177. 20 - The Moon Country debuted in Movie Three. It is unknown if this is related to note 8. 21 - The Vegetable Country debuted in anime filler episode 187. 22 - The Noodles Country debuted in anime filler episode 192. 23 - The Honey, Neck and Red Bean Jam Countries debuted in anime filler episode 194. 24 - The Swamp Country debuted in anime filler episode 195. 25 - The Forest Country debuted in anime filler episode 209. 26 - The Demon Country debuted in Movie Four. 27 - The Wood and Iron Countries debuted in chapter 456..

Naruto is not gay in the series but on a website?

No, He is not GAY ANYWHERE! It's just that people like to think that he is gay and post it everywhere because they like Yaoi and can't accept the fact that HE IS NOT GAY.. how could u say that? there's no evidence to support it. and if u say that he like Sakura, why is it that Sasuke is always on his mind?

Is there another series of Naruto after Shippuden?

In volume 28, the start of Shippuuden in the manga, Kishimoto says that Shippuuden is the middle, so it is very likely that there will be another series afterwards, probably about him when he becomes hokage or somwthing. Plus I don't think it's appropiate to leave him as a 16 year old :] I want it to carry on throught his whole life!

Does Sakura die in the Naruto series?

sakura will not die in the series of naruto. but its unknown if she does in naruto shippuden. SHE COULD IN SHIPPUDEN BUT SHE'S A MAIN CHARITOR. BY. Answerwolfman

How many books in the Naruto series?

so far there are 45 volumes out and vol.46 comes out in october. and more are soon to come

In the Naruto series who is haiate?

I think you might mean Hayate and if you do than he was the exam proctor for the priliminary round right before the third chunin the chunin exams. ( the one who coghes alot.)

Will there be a new Naruto series?

Naruto will have a new series. Its called Naruto Shippuden or Naruto Hurricane Chronicles. This is 2.5 years after the end of the first naruto series. I doubt there will be one after that though.

How strong is Naruto from the Naruto series?

At the start of the Naruto series he is weak and a bit of a dunce but as the series progresses he gains the control of a red chakra from the nine-tailed demon (Kyuubi) sealed inside of him. Naruto has many weaknesses and few strengths. His best attack form is Taijutsu (hand-to-hand combat) but even that is rather mediocre compared. His Ninjutsu (chakra attacks) range is lacking but has very effective and powerful jutsu's in his arsenal. Naruto can in no form do Genjutsu (illusion).

What are the series after Naruto Shippuden?

i dont think there is one yet but if there is then it will probably be on when they were in the ninja academy or "about 20 years later" series. i dunno. this is only a guess.

Where Naruto series movie?

netflix! and by the way you all suck! jk just wanted to say that hehe!

Is the Naruto Shippuden series over?

no now there is older naruto, sauskay ect..... we just have to wait 4 English version to catch up to japen naruto rulles

Will Naruto have a new series in us?

There is a new series going already. It's called Naruto Shipudden there are currently 4 episodes online already. The next episodes won't be released until October, so you will have to be patient since Naruto does not show on television anymore but is being released in box sets and on Itunes

What happened in the end of the 'Naruto' series?

Naruto has not finished yet. infact it is far from it. the episodes are WAY behind the manga and Naruto hasn't even fought Sasuke yet.

Does Hinata die in the Naruto series?

she hasn't died yet but she almost did when she tried to protect naruto from pain after the destruction of konoha

Who are the voice actors of the Naruto series?

The English voice actors for Naruto are: Maile Flanigan as Naruto Uzumaki Kate Higgins as Sakura Haruno and Udon Yuri Lowenthal as Sasuke Uchiha Tom Gibis as Shikamaru Nara Robbie Rist as Choji Akimichi Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Ino Yamanaka, Konohamaru Sarutobi, and Hanabi Hyuga Stephanie Sheh as Hinata Hyuga, Naruto in Sexy Jutsu form, and Kin Tsuchi Kyle Hebert as Kiba Inuzuka, Inoichi Yamanaka, and Ebizo Derek Stephen Prince as Shino Aburame Steve Staley as Neji Hyuga and Shibuki Danielle Judovits as Tenten and Ayame Brian Donovan as Rock Lee Liam O'Brien as Gaara and Kotetsu Hagane Michael Lindsay as Kankuro Tara Platt as Temari Dave Wittenberg as Kakashi Hatake, Gamakichi, and Gamatatsu Doug Erholtz as Asuma Sarutobi Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Kurenai Yuhi Skip Stellrecht as Might Guy Sam Riegel as Baki and Zaku Abumi Debi Mae West as Tsunade Senju David Lodge as Jiraiya and Fujin Steven Blum as Zabuza Momochi, Orochimaru, and Kuromaru Susan Dalian and Haku and Yugao Uzuki Quinton Flynn as Iruka Umino Julianne Buescher and Laura Bailey as Anko Mitarashi Kim Strauss as Ibiki Morino Lex Lang as Hayate Gekko and Teuchi Patrick Seitz as Raido Namiashi Johnny Yong Bosch as Genma Shiranui, Sasori, and Gen'yumaru Roger Craig Smith as Deidara Scott McNeil as Tobi Troy Baker as Pain (Nagato) and Yamato Crispin Freeman as Itachi Uchiha, Ebisu, and the 4th Kazekage Travis Willingham as Zetsu (white side) Kirk Thornton as Kisame Hoshigaki, Tazuna, and Shukaku Fred Tatasciore as Kakuzu and Gato David Vincent as Hidan Barbara Goodson as Chiyo Michael Sorich as Gamabunta, Zetsu (black side), Jirobo, and Choza Akimichi J.B. Blanc as Hiruko (Sasori's puppet armor) and Pakkun John DeMita as Hiashi Hyuga, Hizashi Hyuga, and Dosu Kinuta Mona Marshall as Inari Kari Wahlgren as Hana Inuzuka, Tayuya, and Mikoto Uchiha Jessica Straus as Tsume Inuzuka Wally Wingert as Kaiza Mari Devon as Katsuyu Peter Lurie as Kidomaru and Tobirama Senju (2nd Hokage) Keith Silverstein as Kimimaro Richard Epcar as Manda Lara Jill Miller as Matsuri Michelle Ruff as Matsuri (Shippuden) Beau Billingslea as Homura Mitokado Michael Reisz as Mizuki Wendee Lee as Moegi Jonathan Fahn as Shikaku Nara Megan Hollingshead as Yoshino Nara, Shizune, and Tonton Benjamin Diskin as Sai Brian Beacock as Sakon and Ukon Steve Kramer as Hiruzen Sarutobi (3rd Hokage) Jamieson Price as Hashirama Senju (1st Hokage) Cindy Robinson as Tsunami and Kushina Uzumaki Doug Stone as Fugaku Uchiha Jeannie Elias as Koharu Utatane Henry Dittman as Kabuto Yakushi

What is the whole series of a series of unfortunate events?

Total: 13 The Bad Beginning The Reptile Room The Wide Window The Miserable Mill The Austere Academy The Ersatz Elevator The Vile Village The Hostile Hospital The Carnivorous Carnival The Slippery Slope The Grim Grotto The Penultimate Peril The End

In a series connection if one component fails the whole circuit fails?

Yes. Open circuit. A: It depends on the failure type a short will not necessarily make an open circuit but rather a non functional circuit.

Why we don't have all of the Naruto series?

Naruto is an on going manga series. A new chapter of the manga comes out every Thursday. Therefore we don't have the complete series.

Will there be another naruto series after Shippuden?

Highly unlikely. Maybe a spin-off series. Kishimoto stated that he'll be doing a different manga after Naruto is over.

Does Naruto the broken bond start in the begging of the whole Naruto series?

No. It starts during the battle with The third hokage and orochimaru and ends with the naruto and sasuke battle at the final valley.

How many episode are they in the whole Naruto and Naruto Shippuden?

about 200 in shippuden, and i believe either 250 or 400 in naruto. you can watch all of them at tailedfox.com. their numberred by episode

What is the whole name of temari in naruto?

Their last names are unknown, but Gaara last name is Gaara of the Desert or Gaara of the Sand because of his abilities to munipulate sand from the Shakaku.. That's pretty much about him....

What are the naruto series power levels?

NARUTO Zabuza and Haku arc naruto-30 sasuke- 40 sakura-20 kakashi regular- 400 Zabuza- 395 Haku- 420 Zabuza second Fight naruto with training- 130 sasuke with training- 150 sakura with training- 90 Kakashi with sharingan- 620 Kakashis lightning blade- 800 sasuke with partial sharingan- 200 naruto with some of nine tails power and angry- 490 NARUTO chunin exam arc(forest of death) naruto- 150 sasuke- 200 sakura- 120 rock lee- 250 shikamaru-130 gaara-500 neji- 260 kiba- 140 chouji-125 ino-120 orochimaru playing around-500 sasuke with sharingan- 300 sasuke after curse mark-370 rock lee using gates- 270 naruto with some of nine tails power- 250 sound ninjas- 130 to 280 Chunin exam pre matches sasuke hurting from curse mark- 285 sasukes opponent-250 . kankuro-160. kankuros opponent-250. sakura-120. ino-120 . kiba-140 . naruto- 150 kin-130 shikamaru-130 . hinata-130. neji-280. lee-250. gaara- 500 rock lee 5th gate- 490. Match finals . Naruto after training- 200 neji- 300 naruto using some of nine tails power-300 shikamaru after traning- 150 temari- 165 gaara-500 sasuke after training-400 sasukes chidori-530 kakashi-610 The third Hokage- 1990 Orochimaru serious-2000 Orochimarus summoned 1st hokage not actual power when alive- 950 Orichimarus summoned 2nd Hokage not actual power when alive- 920 Third Hokage with his weapon/ape- 2200 orichimaru with his sword- 2300 Chasing Gaara naruto-200 sakura- 120 shikamaru-130 sound ninjas shikamaru trapped- 350 asuma- 600 shino- 150 kankuro-160 temari-200 sasuke curse mark- 500 gaara half beast 600 naruto riled up to protect friends- 580 (only at that moment) gaara perfect posesion- 990 narutos summon gamabunta- 985 gaara asleep/ shukaku- 999 and rising. Itachi Returns arc . asuma- 700 . kakashi- 810 kurenai- 650 kakashi with sharingon- 910 itachi- 1500 ( holding back) kisame-830 (holding back) might guy- 850 sasuke finding itachi . sasuke- 420 naruto- 380 jiraiya- 1800 sasukes chidori- 520 sasuke with sharingan- 500. Sannin show down . naruto after training- 400 . narutos rasengan- 715 kabuto- 730 tsunade- 1555 jiraiya weakened fron tsunades drink- 1300 Orochimarus without arms- 1500 shizune- 530 Sasuke Rescue Team arc chouji-300 Jiroubou- 430 chouji with first spinach pill- 440 Jiroubou with curse mark level 1- 480 chouji with second yellow pill- 490 Jiroubou with curse mark level 2- 600 chouji with the last pill- 700 Neji- 480 kidomaru- 470 kidomaru in long range mode- 480 nejis rotation- 500 kidomaru curse mark level 1- 550 nejis 8 trigrams 128 palms- 550 neji weakened- 200 kidomaru with curse mark level 2- 720 neji weakened further after shot with arrow- 115 kidomarus power flow stopped by neji- 300 nejis momentum boost-265 nejis 64 palms atttack- 400 kidomaru injured- 100 and decreasing until dead shikamaru- 330 (shikamarus smartness makes it seem like his power is plus 300 his regular power) shikamarus shadow possesion-800 and decreasing tayuya-500 tayuya curse mark level 1- 600 tayuya curse mark level 2- 750 tayuya weakened- 650 Temari after training-450 Temaris wind jutsus- 800 Kiba-320 sakon- 520 sakon curse mark level 1- 640 sakon curse mark level 2- 760 sakon weakened- 400 kiba weakened- 200 kankuro- 420 kimimaro- 800 naruto- 430 rock lee- 500 rock lee drunken- 780 gaara- 800 kimimaru level 2 curse mark 950 kimimaru power low from sickness-780 gaaras sand burial- 1000 Naruto vs Sasuke Naruto angered-450 sasuke with curse mark-600 sasuke regular-500 sasuke with sharingan-600 naruto nine tails chakra-750 sasuke full sharingan-780 naruto with one of the nine tails -1000 sasuke with the full sharingan and level 1 curse mark-950 sasuke with full shaingan and level 2 curse mark-1050 naruto fox cloak rasengan-1500 sasuke level 2 curse mark chidori-1555 Naruto Shippuden Beginning naruto-600 sakura-400 jiraiya- 1900 tsunade- 1600 shikamaru- 450 temari- 500 kakashi- 900 chouji- 400 kiba- 430 shino- 450 hinata-410 ino-400 Capture Gaara arc Gaara- 900 deidara-950 hiruko- 1000 kankuro- 600 sakura-500 chiyo- 990 sasori-1200 The Tenchi Bridge naruto-650 naruto 3 tails-1500 naruto 4 tails-2000 Orochimaru-1900 yamato- 800 kabuto-800 sai-650 sakura- 520 Infiltration of Orochimarus Hideout sasuke-1200 naruto-650 sai-650 sakura-520 yamato-800 Asuma vs Hidan hidan- 1000 asuma- 830 the two chunins with asuma- 540 kakuzu- 1200 shikamaru -530 Hidan and Hakuzu vs Kakashi Shika Ino and Chouji hidan- 1000 shika-550 choji-500 ino-520 kakashi sharingan-1300 kakuzu transformed-1400 naruto after training- 700 narutos rasenshuriken- 2000 Sasuke vs Orochimaru sasuke-1200 orochimaru with sickness-900 Team Hebi sasuke-1200 suigetsu-750 karin- 300 jugo-800. Sasuke vs Deidara . sasuke sharingan-1500. deidara-1400. sasuke lvl 2 curse mark-1800. deidara angered-1700. CO explosion-4000. Sasuke vs Itachi . sasuke sharingan-1500. itachi sharingan and sick-1900. itachi(not sick)-2500. sasuke lvl 2 curse mark-1800. lightning dragon-2500. itachi susanoo-5000. Jiraiya vs Pain . jiraiya- 1900. jiraiya sage mode-2000. pain-2100. konan-1600. Team Taka vs Killer Bee . sasuke sharingan-1700 jugo monster mode-980 karin-300 seigetsu-750 Bee- 1980 bee with 8 tails power- 2150 Bee full tranformation- 8000. Konoha Destruction arc . Tsunade- 1600 anbu with tsunade- 980 Deva path- 2600 anima path- 600 preta path- 980 human path- 760 asura path- 1300 naraka path- 1000 kakashi mangekyo sharingan- 1500 naruto- 1300 Naruto sage mode- 2700 narutos rasenshuriken in sage mode- 3500 naruto worn out-1100 nagato sending all his power to deva path- 3500 naruto 4 tails-3000 naruto 6 tails- 4000 the necklace trying to bound naruto- 3000 deva path close to nagato- 4000 naruto 8 tails-5000 naruto back in sage mode- 2700 exhausted deva path- 2600 naruto out of sage mode and tired- 1300 deva path exhausted further- 2000 narustos rasengan-2100 naruto after the battle- 1700 nagato after the battle-2000 narutos sage mode with fox power- 3000 konan- 1600. Sasuke vs Kages . sasuke- 1800 jugo in transformation-1300 seigetsu- 850 karin-300 darui - 1300 raikage-2500 sasuke mangekyo sharingan- 2300 raikage at tailed beast levels- 4500 gaara- 1600 sasuke with sasano'o- 6000 sasuke weakened- 1780 mizukage- 2400 Tsuchikage- 2200. Sasuke vs Danzo . sasuke-1800. danzo-2000. sasuke mangekyo-2300. danzo izanagi-2200. sasuke susanoo-6000. Team 7 Reunion . sasuke weakend-1500. kakashi sharingan-1500. sakura-600. naruto-1700. sasuke almost blind-1000. Kisame vs Killer Bee kisame - 1500 killer bee - 2000 killer bee 8 tails cloak - 2100 killer bee 8 tails version 2- 2400 kisame samehada fusion - 2250 killer bee in water - 1980 killer bee chakra lost - 1100 kisame - 1200 killer bee and raikage's double lariat - 3500 . Guy vs Kisame . guy-1400 kisame samehada fusion-2250 killer bee-2000 naruto-1600 kisame-1500. guy 6th gate-2000 guy 7th gate-2100 kisame 1000 killer shark jutsu-2100 guy 7th gate mode afternoon tiger-2200 naruto chakra mode-3000. Konan vs Tobi . konan-1600. tobi-2500 .

What is the basis for Naruko is the Naruto series?

Well he is the Jinchuuriki of the Nine Tailed Demon fox. And the series is about Naruto proving he is not a monster but sure enough, a hero. Think of Gaara in Shippuden series. He is the Jinchuuriki of the one tails and he became the Kazekage. Naruto wants to be the Hokage of the Hidden leaf village. Either that or the Sexy Justu person.

Who is Ao in the naruto series?

Ao is the ninja of the hidden mist and was appointed as the bodygaurd by the mizukage for the five kage summit.

What is the cheapest price for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm on Amazom?

The cheapest price for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm on Amazon is $16.99. This price is for a used item for the PlayStation 3 game system. The cheapest price listed for this item new on PlayStation 3 is $23.97.

When is the naruto series going to end?

So far, it is announced by SaiyanIsland.com that the manga is at"its final phase" according to Masashi Kishimoto. It is known thatthe Naruto manga series will officially end from 2014 - 2015.

What is the whole story about the Naruto series?

So pretty much everything started with Rikudo Sennin the first sage of the six paths (to be the sage of six paths you have to have the rinnegan and have the physical strength) and the sage of the six paths is supposed to be a descendent of god to bring peace to the world..... And well after he sealed the jubi which was said to be the combination of all the bijuus (all the tailed beasts 1-9) so once he sealed the jubi which contained a massive amount of chakara, he ALSO became the first jinchuuriki (theres 10 in total) well after all that he had two sons the first one the elder one he had sennins eyes so he had the mastery of chakra and spiritual energy (what gives ninjas the ability to do jutsus) and after him there came the second younger son which had the physical side which is the speed and the strength.... And well before Sennin died he had to choose a successor in other words the person who will be the ruler.... And well sennin thought that the elder brother was only looking for strength so he thought it was best to make is second son the successor which started the hate between the clans..... It started of with two clans the elder brother's descendants created what now is referred to as the (uchiha clan) and the younger brother's descendants created the (senju clan) but there's important blood descendants of the senju clan the (Uzumaki clan) which had the strength and also the (Namikaze clan) which died out early had speed so with all the hatred these two main clans the senju and uchiha clan had this great battle but at the end they thought why not just peace and combine these two clans to create a unbeatable clan so the leader of the uchiha clan Madara Uchiha made peace with the leader of the senju clan Hashirama... And they combined the two clans two create the Hidden Leaf Village because it was located deep in the forest.... so this village had two rulers but it is said that Hashirama Senju betrayed Madara and seized all power to the hidden leaf village and became the first hokage (5 in total so far) and with that being said a new hatred was made.. so later Madara returned and fought the first hokage with a secret weapon the 9 tailed fox also named kibu (Madara used more fire jutsu and Hashirama earth) so when Madara unleashed the kibu a fire style bijuu with 9 tails, but at the end the hokage beat Madara and sealed the 9 tailed fox... Well The 9 tailed fox got sealed into a woman named Kushina Uzumaki... Later she married Minato Namikaze.. Well it was forbidden for anyone in the (Namikaze, Uchiha or Uzumaki) clan to get married with someone in a other clan but after time the Namikaze clan was destroyed before Minato was born so they didn't know they could get married.... And well Minato Namikaze later became the 4th Hokage... And also had a son named Naruto, but the strange part is that Naruto in other words had the blood from two great clans a clan of super strength from his mother and super speed from his father so that by it self should have killed him because it was supposed to be too much power for him.... But he lived... A bit after that Madara returned and some how unleashed the 9 tailed fox out of Narutos mother and while the 9 tails was destroying everything Minato faced Madara and defeated him with the famous Rasengan (Which is to be why Naruto is so popular with the rasengan) and now they had to seal the 9 tailed fox but the only thing that was at all near was Naruto so at the end his mother killed herself so the 9 tailed fox can be sealed and the village can be saved.... But the awesome part is that Naruto already had the super speed AND the supper strength but adding the massive chakara and power of the bijuu it was so rare for him to actually survive that but he did. So un his body Naruto has this really strong and powerful chakara and body strength that he only needs to unleash but then later in the series, Itachi Uchiha (descendant of the Uchiha clan) put in a crow with his own DNA to Narutos body so that if Naruto has no more chakra left the crow inside him can do one more massive attack using Sharingan.... But what this means is that Uchicha DNA is inside Naruto now sooo Naruto has the possibility to unleash his rinnegan because he has Senju DNA from his mother and father and now he has Uchiha DNA so he now has the power to unleash the Rinnegan.... Which is like the Sharingan but in a whole new level.... Soo with that being said it is a very high probability that Naruto will become the next Sage of the Six Paths.... Also there's the story about Tobi, well tobi was a descendant of the uchiha clan with the ability of Sharingan... So in his childhood he was made to be a shinobi ninja/warrior.... he was pared up with a Rin (the girl he ended up falling in love with) and Kakashi.... Well Kakashi was a lot like Sauske in his childhood and he wanted to do everything by himself... and his sensei told him he lacked something before he became a true shinobi warrior (teamwork) and it wasn't until Tobi's death that Kakashi realized that... Tobi saved Kakashi's life and a huge rock fell on him, which made half of his body like ugly.... which is why he wears a mask..... and it's there where he gives Kakashi one of his eyes so Kakashi had the power of Sharingan, but he covers his eye because he can't change it back to it's normal form.... So later Madara returned at the time Minato was the fourth hokage took naruto and unleashed the 9 tailed fox... But Minato risked his life and saved the hidden leaf once more but before that madara trained Tobi to become the man he is today... So now tobi is trying to gain so much power.... So he gave Nagato the Sharigan eye he needed so that later he can take them and have the rinnegan and the power so he can become the next sage of the six paths and collect all the power/chakra jubi had to restore it so he can become invincible and restore the world to peace under his command using a genjutsu manipulating all humanity.... so he's trying to get all the jinchuurikis and unleash their bijuus so that he in the end can combine them to re create Jubi... and have ultimate power.... Also in Naruto Magna 600 Sauske get's this amazing new ability i think is to make time slower or whatever and apparently becomes good again... But the main idea is that Naruto and Tobi will be the ending battle... And well to unleash Narutos Rinnegan something very tragic needs to happen and i think it will be the death of Sauske I don't know how or why but that's my opinion and in the end Naruto is the Saga of the six paths and the hokage of a large village which after the 4th war will be the combination of a bunch of villages and maybe the name stays the same or it changes, also it's possible that during the series tobi dies and the final battle is Naruto vs Sauske thee's so many possibilities but i'm going to stick to my first opinion that Sauskes death unleashes all kinds of power from Naruto and he ends up defeating tobi.... Now Sauske Uchiha well Sauske is a main point of the story as well, it al starts when his brother Itachi kills sauskes mother and also father..... So after he is pretty grown up he goes with Orochimaru (one of the 3 legendary Sanin of Konoha) so he can learn better tactics and become strong with his Sharingan so he can defeat and kill his brother Itachi and avenge his parents... But then he discovers the real reason why Itachi killed his parents and that it haunts Itachi all the time,he found out that the leaf village made him kill the Uchiha clan, so for a point in time his goal is to destroy he hidden leaf village.... Fpr right now in episode 324 Naruto and Bee goes up agents Tobi and the other 5 jinchuuriki's, and on the other side of the battle field it's the 5 Kages agents the reanimated and improved Madara which came from Kabuto who pretty much took off where orochimaru left off and is using reanimation to create his army and try to win the war... That's the story so far in the shippuden series but I don't want to spoil what happens later in the manga series which right now is at 600+ but the shippuden is only at 325 so big difference!