What is the cheapest you can get the whole Naruto series one for and where?

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Overal that depents on how long you shop around for the item you're looking for. Also where you live and the supply and demand for the item. Value and prices on anything and everything are always changing. One factor would included if you're shopping for a new or used item. You have to check different sources and compare their prices. Also don't forget to include things like sales tax or shipping and handling. I suggest ebay.com That's usualy where I find my best deals on animes!
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How strong is Naruto from the Naruto series?

At the start of the Naruto series he is weak and a bit of a dunce but as the series progresses he gains the control of a red chakra from the nine-tailed demon (Kyuubi) sealed
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What is the whole name of temari in naruto?

Their last names are unknown, but Gaara last name is Gaara of the Desert or Gaara of the Sand because of his abilities to munipulate sand from the Shakaku.. That's pretty much
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What is the whole story about the Naruto series?

So pretty much everything started with Rikudo Sennin the first sage of the six paths (to be the sage of six paths you have to have the rinnegan and have the physical strength)