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What is the common name for the clavide bone?

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Collar bone
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Is bones a common noun?

Yes, the word 'bones', the plural form of 'bone', is a common noun,  a general word for any bones of any kind.    A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place

What is the most common bone fracture in children?

It is the greenstick fracture since children's bones are more flexible and less likely to have a complete break.

What bone is common to both the wrist and the foot?

There are no bones common to both.   Actually there is. In both the hand and the foot is a bone called the cuneiform bone. In the foot there are actually three the outer mi

What are the most common bones to break?

Your clavicle (collarbone) in your shoulder is the most commonly fractured bone, usually caused by landing on an outstretched arm and pushing your shoulder back or (as in my c

What are the common bone injuries?

probably spraining, breaking, or fracturing a bone. open wound, closed wound, fracture, sprained, dislocated Bones can be broken or bruised.   You may be referring to chro