What is the correct term runners up or runner ups?

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The correct plural term is runners up.
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Winner runner up then...?

It's Winner, First Runner-up, Second Runner-up and so on. For reference, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_runner_up.

American Idol runner ups?

season 1- Justin Guarini season 2- Clay Aiken season 3- Diana Degarmo season 4- Bo Bice season 5- Katherine Mcphee season 6- Blake Lewis season 7- David Archuleta

What does the runner up of American Idol get?

I don't think they get anything, except for going on the summer tour with the rest of the top 10. They are not automatically granted a recording deal, like the winner. But mos
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How do use runner-up a sentences?

Well I don't know but I need to know what it means because of this stupid internet