What is the correct term runners up or runner ups?

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The correct plural term is runners up.
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If a runner on first runs to second when the ball is hit and the runner on second does not run what happens when the two runners end up on second?

Answer . It depends, If the batter hits a fly ball that is caught with less than two outs the original man on second is safe. If the runner from first can return to first before a defensive player can touch it with the ball he is also safe.\nIf a ground ball is hit with less than two outs both run (MORE)

Who was runner up miss new york in 1984?

After the scandal that dethroned the first African-American MissAmerica, Vanessa Williams, a new Miss America had to take her placeafter she resigned. Suzette Charles became the secondAfrican-American Miss America of 1984, when she replaced Vanessa.

Runner up Wimbledon 1976?

The runner-up of the 1976 Wimbledon championship was Ilie Nastase of Romania who lost 6-4, 6-2, 9-7 to Bjorn Borg of Sweden, who would go on to win the next 4 successive champinships at Wimbledon.

Runners up of x factor?

f or 2008 the x factor runers up were JLS!yes they are the best boy band i the world coz I said so yeah it was saidur that said it so if you don't like their songs then you probably like calassical music. this is their JLS biggest fan Saidur. I even know their first names and there surnames see (MORE)

American Idol runner ups?

season 1- Justin Guarini season 2- Clay Aiken season 3- Diana Degarmo season 4- Bo Bice season 5- Katherine Mcphee season 6- Blake Lewis season 7- David Archuleta season 8- Adam Lambert season 9- Crystal Bowersox

What does the runner up of American Idol get?

I don't think they get anything, except for going on the summer tour with the rest of the top 10. They are not automatically granted a recording deal, like the winner. But most are offered a recording deal anyways from Jive records within the next month.

Who are the X factor winners and runner ups?

Winners (in order of series): Steve Brookstein Shayne Ward Leona Lewis Leon Jackson Alexandra Burke Joe McElderry Runner Ups (in order of series): chico Andy Abraham Ray Quinn Ryhdian Roberts JLS Olly Murs

Who was runner-up to nigel mansell in 1992?

Riccardo Patrese , the flamboyant Williams driver finished runner-up in the 1992 Formula 1 season to Nigel Mansell, 52 points behind. Riccardo raced in 257 races (256 starts) and won six times in one of the longest and memorable careers in Formula 1.

How many times was England runner up in the World Cup?

England has never finished runners-up at the World Cup. They reached the final once, in 1966, where they beat West Germany to lift the trophy. The closest they have reached the final since was when they were beaten on penalties by Germany in 1990 in the semi-finals.

Who was the art ross trophy runner up in 2002-2003?

Markus Naslund . Peter Forsberg. Colorado. 75. 29. 77. 106. Markus Naslund. Vancouver. 82. 48. 56. 104. Joe Thornton. Boston. 77. 36. 65. 101. Milan Hejduk. Colorado. 82. 50. 48. 98. Todd Bertuzzi. Vancouver. 82. 46. 51. 97. Pavol Demitra. St. Louis. 78. 36. (MORE)

Is The Maze Runner appropriate for kids 10 and up?

Yes, it is an amazing book. It might be a little challenging for a 10 year old and maybe an 11 year old but I loved the book. I am 13 so you can take it from a teens perspective. I did recommended it to seveal of my friends who all thought it was as amazing as I said it was. Hope I helped!

Who were the runners up for all the seasons of American idol?

Season 1: Justin Guarini Season 2: Clay Aiken Season 3: Diana DeGarmo Season 4: Bo Bice Season 5: Katharine McPhee Season 6: Blake Lewis Season 7: David Archuleta Season 8: Adam Lambert Season 9: Crystal Bowersox Season 10: Lauren Alaina Season 11: Jessica Sanchez

Who was the runner up in the x factor 2008?

JLS A boyband from London made up of 4 members called: Aston Merrygold Oriste Williams Marvin Humes JB Gill Their mentor was Louis Walsh They came second to Alexandra Burke JLS have been hugely succesful since and have produced 3 albums: Album 1: Self titled - JLS Album 2: Outta (MORE)