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Rio carnival 2010 officially starts at midnight on Friday 13th February and finishes at midnight on Tuesday 17th Feb. The parades of the biggest samba schools are on the Sunday and Monday nights. There is also a huge street carnival going on all over Rio at the same time.

You can find out more about the schedules of the samba school parades and the street carnival if you follow the related links below.
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What date did the first fleet arrive in Rio de Janeiro?

The First Fleet arrived in Rio de Janeiro on 7 August 1787.

When is carnival celebrated in Rio?

Carnival will be celebrated in February. February 12 through to February 16 in the city of Rio de Janiro.

What is kiddies carnival?

Kiddies Carnival is where children get to display their costumes. They range in ages from toddlers to teens. It is held on the Saturday before Carnival begins. This all takes

Where is Rio?

In Brazil.

How do you spell Carnival in Rio?

In Rio de Janiero, the celebration of Carnival (pre-Lenten season) is spelled Carnaval in Portuguese, the dominant language of Brazil.

Which countries have carnivals?

Brazil, Jamaica, Canada, Spain, Italy, England, Trinidad and Tobago, Germany, Nigeria, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovenia, Croatia, India, Columbia, Switzerland, and most of the C

How many people go to Rio de Janeiro to see the four day carnival every year?

100,000,000 that means 100 million (this seems like a gross overestimate. half of the population of Brazil goes to carnival in Rio? I have actually gone. It is crowded but

How is Carnival celebrated?

Carnival is celebrated during a two day period called Carnival Monday and Tuesday. It takes place in the capital of Trinidad, port of Spain, and it is one of the most colorful

What is carnival?

Carnival is where people all over the  world go and have fun. it's kind of a funfair for everyone.  :)
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What do they eat and drink in Rio carnival?

If you are watching Rio carnival live in the sambodromo, what you can buy to eat is Bob's Hamburgers (yes, really!)  If you are out on the steets you will find delicious str

Why do you have carnivals?

Because They are celebrating their country for the whatever annual. They can be Rides such as the zipper and blah blah blah lol and they could be a parade. They have carnivals