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What is the decibel level of an average rooster's crow?

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An average rooster's crow is approximately 90 decibels. This is about as loud as a dog barking. Chickens themselves average 60-70 decibels, which is on par with human conversation.
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What decibel level is created by a helicopter?

If I say: Level of a helicopter = 130 dB, most people are content. Laymen think that a specific decibel value belongs to a noise source. Like heavy truck = 100 dB, jackhamme

What is the decibel noise level of a concrete breaker?

The decibel noise level of a concrete breaker is at around 111 to 113. This can vary depending on what concrete breaker one is using, and might have a different noise level.
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What decibel level can't humans hear above?

This widely varies between humans according to their age and how many loud noises have damaged their ears over time. However for most humans the average is about a 20.0 Khz. I

What does decibel measure?

A decibel usually measures power or intensity. Most common application are in Audio levels. A decibel(dB) is actually a ratio of the measured physical quantity to a standard r