What is the definition of inanimate?

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Inanimate means not having life or spirit; lacking consciousness or power of motion.
An object that has no life, like a teddy bear for example, is an inanimate object. Though plants are living organisms, they are considered inanimate objects.
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How do you write a story from the viewpoint of an inanimate object?

Assignments like this one are meant to get you to think. You have to imagine what sorts of things has happened to the object, and then write down what that object would say if it could talk. It doesn't really matter what you put down, so long as you have spent a little time thinking. Of course, if y (MORE)

Is water an inanimate object?

usually animate and inanimate describes things that are living. i wouldn't necessarily consider water to be living. water isn't an object. it's a form of matter. it's a liquid. the result of a combination of elements.

Is a tree an inanimate object?

The primary or 1st definition, as there are usually several, in most dictionaries defines inanimate as 'not moving, lifeless' or something similar. A tree is neither 'not moving' nor 'lifeless'. So by the primary definition NO a tree is not an inanimate object. By almost all secondary definitions a (MORE)

Is plant inanimate?

the most obvious answer to that question would be no because it is alive , but if ur taking inanimate as meaning not moving...plants are not inanimate as many do indeed move to remove their leaves from too much sun or in the case of sunflowers to follow the sun.

What is an example of giving animal characteristics to inanimate objects?

I'm teaching an English writing class in Korea and our class was wondering this. The problem is that Zoomorphism is the closest. Personification and Anthropomorphism are technically the same, giving human qualities to an animal or thing. Personification is objects and Anthro is animals. By this lo (MORE)

What is it called when an inanimate object is given animal properties?

its called personification example: The sun smiled down upon us. The flower weeped as it was plucked from the ground. The mirror laughed at my ugly reflection.. i apologize! Giving an inanimate object ANIMAL qualities is a category of personification called Anthropomorphism simple definition:http: (MORE)

Can an inanimate object have a plural possessive?

Yes, a word for an inanimate object can have a plural form and aplural possessive form; for example: . pencil; pencils; the pencils' case . hot dog; hot dogs; the hot dogs' buns . homework; the homework's due date (homework isan uncountable noun) . tire; tires; the tires' replacements . (MORE)

Are robots animate or inanimate?

Robots are inanimate as they do not have independent thought. Though they can move and interact with their environments, this is only after having instructions programmed into them. Without those instructions, the robot would remain inactive.

What is a word that means talking to inanimate objects?

delusional ...something that is falsely or delusively believed or propagated ... A persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary; also : the abnormal state marked by such beliefs ...

Is your hair an inanimate object?

If your hair is attached to you and you are an animate object than no but if your hair was not attached to you (fell out) than I guess it would be inanimate. :)

Is a mobile phone an inanimate object?

Yes it is. An inanimate object is something that does not move unless moved; therefore a mobile phone is an inanimate object. If place on the floor it does not move unless a call cause the phone to vibrate or is move by a person.

What part of speech is inanimate?

Inanimate is a noun and an adjective. The noun form refers to something that is not alive. The adjective form refers to something that lacks the ability of motion.

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Is gold a inanimate object?

"Animated" means living and lively, so "inanimate" means the opposite; not alive. Since gold is a metal it doesn't live like we do. It is inanimate.

Is the word body an inanimate object?

The noun 'body' may be a word for an animate or an inanimate thing, depending on context; for example: . the body of a human = animate . the body of an animal = animate . the body of a legislature or a committee = animate . the body of a letter = inanimate . the body of a report = inanimate . (MORE)

Is clothes an inanimate object?

Yes, clothes are inanimate since they do not move, breath, speak, eat, etc. and share no qualities whatsoever with humans.

Is there any difference between an inanimate object and a dead object?

An object classified as "dead" is implied to have been "alive" at some point of its existance. Therefore dead objects are objects that have previously been alive and now aren't. A withered tree stump and a corpse are dead objects. An object that is "inanimate" is simply defined as "non moving" or, (MORE)

Did time is inanimate object?

Is time an inanimate object maybe? The answer is no. Time is actually a concept not something that actually exists.

Why is a plant a inanimate?

They never developed an equivalent of muscles - probably because they're the ultimate in waiting for their "prey" to come to them. (Their prey being air, water, and sunlight.)

Is desk a inanimate?

Yes, a desk is inanimate. The noun desk is a neuter noun, a word for a thing.

Are machines inanimate?

Machines are inanimate. Machines do not eat, sleep, rest, breathe, and they do not have a heart beat. Machines are just objects, inanimate objects for the use of humans.

Can a normally inanimate object that talks get the hiccups?

A computer is an example of an inanimate object which can talk, ifit has the right kind of program. You would not normally program itto hiccup, but you could if you wanted to. As for other inanimateobjects such as, let us say, a brave little toaster, those talkonly in works of fiction (although it w (MORE)

Is matter an inanimate object?

it can be, or it can't be. everything you know about is made of matter both rocks and air and water and animals are matter therefore, matter is made of both living and nonliving things matter can be inanimate or animate

Is autumn an inanimate object?

No, the noun 'autumn' is not an object of any kind, it is a wordfor a period of time. The noun 'autumn' is a word for a concept, an abstract noun .