What is the difference between a direct mail house list and a prospect list?

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House List (or Retention List)A permission-based list that you built yourself. Use it to market, cross sell and up-sell, and to establish a relationship with customers over time. Your house list is one of your most valuable assets because it is 7 times less expensive to market to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. Use every opportunity to add to it and use it.
Prospect List

List of individuals qualified to purchase a product or service, maintained

for promotion in the expectation that they will become customers.

Rental List (or Acquisition list)A list of prospects or a targeted group of recipients who have opt-in to receive information about certain subjects. Using permission-based rental lists, marketers can send e-mail messages to audiences targeted by interest category, profession, demographic information and more. Renting a list usually costs between $.10 and $.40 per name. Be sure your rental list is a certified permission-based, opt-in list. Permission-based lists are rented, not sold.

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What is the difference between a newsgroup and a mailing list?

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How can you be taken off a merchants direct mail listings?

Companies that use direct mail services buy lists of names based on our buying habits, and this saves those companies time and money. Unfortunately, our buying habits are not

How can you be deleted from a direct mailing list?

To be deleted from a direct mailing list, usually you can just email them and tell them you want to be subscribed from their mailing services. Log in to the account you made w

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How can a direct mailing list be built?

You can create a direct mailing list by using internal sources, you can also rent or purchase existing lists from sources such as list brokers, organization.
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What are the benefits of direct mailing lists?

Direct mail can help a business grow its clientele. People may learn about new businesses through direct mail or may be reminded of a business they haven't visited in a while
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How can one be removed from a direct marketing mailing list?

One can be removed for a direct marketing mailing list by writing to the company and asking to be removed, or by returning an unopened piece of mail to sender with the instruc
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Where can one purchase direct mail mailing lists?

Direct mail mailing lists can be leased or bought. Some sources are list brokers such as Experian, InfoUSA, BB Direct, US Data Corp., and American Clearing House.