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What is the difference between a tomato and a tomatoe?

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Tomato is the correct spelling. Tomatoe is the incorrect spelling.

However, if it's more than one tomato, then it's tomatoes. That is why people often spell the singular tomato incorrectly .
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What is the difference between cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes?

  The fruit of grape tomatoes are smaller by about a half, more elongated, sweeter, lower in water content and have thicker skin than cherry tomatoes. This has made them p

What is the difference between vine tomatoes and regular tomatoes?

All tomatoes grow on vines. Stores may advertise "vine-ripened" tomatoes because these are tomatoes that have not been picked while green and sprayed with gas in order to keep

What is difference between stewed tomatoes and diced tomatoes?

Stewed tomatoes are cooked or stewed and diced tomatoes are cut into pieces but all tomatoes remain tomatoes no matter what you do to them. Not true at all. During processing

What is the difference between tomato sauce and tomato ketchup?

Tomato sauce is cooked to allow the liquid in the tomatoes to reduce which creates the sauce or paste. Tomato ketchup is cooked tomatoes with added ingredients such as vinegar