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What is the difference between a vestibule and a portico?

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The portico is found at the exterior of the building; it is the porch that leads to the door. The vestibule is found just after you enter the building; it is an ante-chamber.
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What is a vestibule training and how is it different from apprenticeship?

In the early 1800s, factory schools were created, due to the industrial revolution, in which workers were trained in classrooms within the factory walls. The apprentice system

What is vestibule training?

Vestibule training means to get the training from out side the company or factory where the situation of the work and factory is the same. Once the training is completed prope

What is a vestibule?

It's a small walk-through area just inside the main front door of a  house - separated from the rest of the house by another door.

Is vestibule a noun?

Yes the word vestibule is a noun. It is a common noun.

In anatomy. what is the vestibule?

Vestibule of vulva; vestibule of vagina; the space between the labia minor containing the openings of the vagina and urethra.