What is the difference between germs and pathogens?

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All germs are pathogens but all pathogens is not germs.
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What is the difference between a microbe and a germ?

Germ is an everyday word for microbes that cause sickness. A microbe is any living thing that is small enough that you can't see it with your eyes alone (you need some type of

What difference between pathogen and an antigen?

Let's start with pathogen. A pathogen is any organism capable of producing disease. An antigen refers to the protein on the surface of a cell (bacterium, fungus or virus) t

What is the difference between a parasite and pathogen?

a pathogen is some that is called a micro orginism and in which it is a disease that no one can feel the symptom. a parasite is some thing like a bug or a flea that feeds on

What is the difference between a pathogen and a disease?

Pathogen is the agent or the culprit that causes a disease while the disease is the end result of what a pathogen did. Example: HIV virus is the pathogen while AIDS is the dis
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What are the difference between pathogens and parasites?

Pathogens comprise both animate and non animate objects, their presence on the body of the living tissues of either plants or animals lead to production of symptoms typical of
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What is the difference between embryo and germ?

An embryo is the result of fertilization of an egg and sperm. Theterm can be used for the growing organism up to birth. "Germ" isoften used to mean bacteria and viruses but it