What is the difference between royal marines and royal marine reserves?

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Royal marines join full time and do 32 weeks training

Royal marines reserve are like the territorial army, you still have a job (teacher, doctor) but you do one weekend a month training for 18 months and support the full time marines
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How good are the royal marines?

about 7.5. well you ask a silly question you get a silly answer. The royal marines are though as the best of the british military . aside from the special services . The Commando course . The culmination of training is the Commando course. Following the Royal Marines taking on responsibil (MORE)

What does the globe and laurel of the royal marines mean?

The Globe . Granted by King George IV in "1827" in place of the One Hundred and Nine Battle Honours which the Marines Honourably earned.. The LAURELS were granted for the gallentry dispalyed by the Marines in the capture of Belle Isle in 1761

How long do you sign up for royal marines?

usually two and a half years after training but you can always request to leave and they wil either give you the option to take time of to think about what you want to do or ask you to work 12 months notice before leave... hope this helps

What will the royal marines commando reject you for?

The Royal Marines require you to have, or to achieve, a very, very high standard of physical fitness. You will need a great deal of determination, if you are not very determined & focussed on why you want to join do not sign up. You will get very wet ! The possibilities of rejection are very high, a (MORE)

What do the royal marines do?

The royal marines are part of the armed uniformed public services; They are the Royal Navy's infantry and are a vital aspect of the government's rapid reaction force. Likewise, they are required to be trained to work in different terrains and environments, from the cold, mountainous conditions in No (MORE)

What are the main responsibilities of the royal marines?

To protect the Royal Navy's ships on operations agains CQB situations and to aid the navy in piracy and smuggling. They are used to assult in sea to land/land to sea combat. In places like Aufghanistan, theey are an elite force of shock troops that are used for hit and run tactics.

Can an American join the royal marines?

you can only join the Royal marines if you have full British, Irish or Commonwealth citizenship. If you have got one of those you can join the RMC if you don't you can join the equally fine body of man that is the USMC.

Are the royal marines suitable in the alps?

Royal Marines are suitible for any terrain and any challenge. We go anywhere, we'll fight anyone, were always in the muck. They always send the Commandos in caus we dont give a monkeys.

What are the roles of the royal marines?

Royal Marines are trained for elite operations, they are trained in all the latest weapons and technology. They are a world known elite force as they make a huge impact to the battle field. Royal Marines are a tough unit.

Who is better SAS or Royal Marines?

SAS are trained for special operations, whereas Royal Marines are trained for more traditional military roles. Each has its purpose, and each is superb at it.. THE SAS ARE MORE EXTENSIVELY TRAINED IN MANY DIFFERENT AREAS. THEIR TRAINING IS MUCH LONGER AND IT IS MUCH MORE STRINGENT IN THEIR RECRUITM (MORE)

What is the Motto of royal marines?

Per Mere, Per Terram "by Sea, by Land" it was a battle honour to a royal marine victory in the American Revolutionary War, if you want the commando ethos look: http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/royalmarines/

Can you join the royal marines with scars?

Why not? Tatoos are restricted but as long as they do not show above the neck or on the hands or are racist/inflammotory they are OK, scars are perfectly acceptable. Good Luck!

What does Gibraltar stand for on royal marines badge?

It represents the Battle of The Rock of Gibraltar on the 21st July 1704 during the war of Britain (as part of a coalition) against France & Spain. On this day, 1900 Marines & 400 Dutch Marines stormed the island and forced the garrison to surrender, securing the Rock of Gibraltar as a tactical stand (MORE)

How much do royal marine commandos get paid?

When you first join as a Royal Marine, and during your training,you will be earning £14,349. Below is what you could be earningaccording to your rank. RANK Marine £17,767 to £29,357 Corporal £26,786 to £33,661 Sergeant £30,446 to £37,462 Colour Sergeant / Warrrent Officer 2  (MORE)

What is a royal marine?

A Royal Marine is an elite soldier (better known as a commando) trained to fight in naval combat with handheld weapons. They are also amphibious infantry that are trained to fight on land. They fight close to the army being elite shock troops used for hit and run tactics. (This is how they're used i (MORE)

What is the wage for a royal marine?

Recruit £13377 per annum Marine and Lance Jack £16681-£28372 Corporal £27051-£32531 Sergeant £32572-£41219 WO2 £39754-£42403 WO1 £41255-£45836 I dont know about officers but I'll work on it!

What is the royal marines moto?

Per Mare Per Terram ("By Sea, By Land"), the motto of the Marines, is believed to have been used for the first time in 1775.

What does a royal marine have to do?

Once you finished selection you can become a front line fighting soldier. You can also become a helicopter pilot, chef, medic or you can join the SBS

Is the UK Royal marines better than the US Marines?

USMC and Royal Marines are different forces; they just share thesame name. The Royal Marines conduct commando style operations,and gatherintel and paint targets for the RAF.They also pave the way for theRAF and British Army to conduct their operation.The British SAS andSBS conduct all of the specia (MORE)

Are the royal marines the best force in the world?

It is impossible to rate any military force as the all-around best because the jobs they are trained/equipped to do are different, and based on the needs of a particular country. However, within the mission parameters of the Royal Marines, I am aware of none better.. USMC is as good as the Royal Ma (MORE)

Who is better royal marines or parachute regiment?

Para's 28 weeks recruit training(Jump course 4 weeks),marines 32weeks recruit training. Para's=Air assault(attack from the air)but have not use parachutinginto battle since WW2 they use the Hercules which is more commonlyknown nowadays. Royal Marines=built for endurance rather then speed, they aretr (MORE)

What is is the green for the royal marine cap for?

The Green Beret shows that they are commando's and have passed the 32 weeks of the commando course at ctcrm Lympstone it is awarded at the end of the 30 mile speed march which is the last of the "commando tests".

When was royal marines formed?

(From the Recruiting Website) On the 28th October 1664 an Order-in-Council was issued calling for 1200 soldiers to be recruited for service in the Fleet, to be known as the Duke of York and Albany's Maritime Regiment of Foot. As the Duke of York was The Lord High Admiral, it became known as the Admi (MORE)

How many soldiers are in the Royal Marines?

A very rare few at any one time are serving as Liasion Officers or Exchange Duty Officers at any one time with the Royal Marines, perhaps a dozen at any one time on a routine basis.

Who is tougher the US Marines or UK Royal Marines?

Tough question, and not designed to improve Anglo-American relations, so I'll have a Walfdorf Salad and say that both are very tough, and I would not want to get on the bad side of either. The US Marines are a much larger unit than the UK Royal Marines, but the US is a much larger country, so it may (MORE)

Are royal marines a pretty elite force?

The Royal Marines are a very well trained specialised commando force. Some may say they are not elite because they are not Special Forces, however they undergo some 8 months training including the gruelling Commando course, and have been involved in all major conflicts. As a far as their roles go th (MORE)

Are royal marines one of the best?

YES, Royal Marines are definitely one of the best units in the world because of their rigerous 32 week training regime and their history, from being the ships infantry in the 1700's to the elite raiding force of today. They now operate on all terain from dense tropical jungles to the freezing arctic (MORE)

How big are the Royal Marines?

In 3 commando brigade there are 3 Commando regiments. (40 Commando, 42 Commando and 45 Commando) Each as about 1500 commandos. Also the the fleet arm protection group (Commandos that work on ships) has about 1500 Commandos and the Air assult unit has a further 1000 Commandos. Overall there is abou (MORE)

Who is the best royal marine?

There is no best They rely on each other, they have the state of mind to look after and protect each other with the're lives. Even if there was a best Royal Marine, he would useless without knowing that his man behind him would happily give his live for him as he would do the same

Are Royal Marines good soldiers?

As the paras are the elite part of the army, the Royal Marines are the elite part of the Navy. Some of the most feared soldiers in the world. They're basic training is the longest training program in NATO. (31 weeks)

How many people in Royal Marines Brigade?

The Royal Marines 3 Commando Brigade normally has about 7,000 men. Don't expect to ever see it all together employed at any time. It is routinely put together in much the same way that a Marine Expeditionary Unit is. That is as customized and mission specific unit based on a specific contingency or (MORE)

Did the coldstream guards form the royal marines?

As far as i am aware there were no Royal Marines on board ships or protecting civilians, forts,routes, shipping lanes & cargo from the UK to America, India etc during 18th & 19th Centuries. However there is substantial proof & evidence that regiments of the Coldstream Guards from the Brigade of Gu (MORE)

Become a royal marines sniper?

Worry about getting in the Corps first mate. Once you're in you will be given the oppurtunity to specialise as a sniper, if you're good enough.

Are the royal marines crap?

No. Better than your 'average soldier' due to the demanding training, but essentially do the same job as a 'regular' infantry soldier on operations. The 'Commando' designation often leads them to be mistakenly compared to US special operations units such as the Navy Seals or Ranger, however they are (MORE)

What is difference between royal marines and navy?

The Royal Marines are a part of the Navy. They're the "go anywhere" amphibious infantry. They are also part of Britain's Rapid Reaction Force and considered by many to be among the top combat infantry soldiers in the world.

Can royal marines join sas?

Yes they can, the're more likley to join the SBS (special boat service) but the SAS invite people in the navy, air force and marines to join the SAS

What are the colors on a royal marines belt?

From navy net: The Corps pattern belt is as follows: Blue - the RN connection Yellow - the colour of our first tunics (old gold for Duke of York& Albany's Maritime Regiment of Foot) Green - to denote the RM Light Infantry Red - to denote the RM Artillery Blue - once again for the RN connection

Why was prince edward tossed out of the royal marines?

It's a complete myth that Prince Edward was thrown out of the RoyalMarines. In fact, he was half way through the Officers' trainingcourse, and coping perfectly well (I know - my cousin was in thesame training batch), but decided that it was not for him, andapplied for discharge from training on "per (MORE)

How many royal marines are in the Royal Marine Corps?

An undisclosed number of royal marines are in the Royal Marine Corps. The Royal Marine Corps has an estimated 7600 troops as well as 700 in reserve. The exact number of troops in the Royal Marine Corps is roughly 8300, with additional recruits joining every year.